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20+ Chic Black Nail Designs You’ll Love to Try In 2022

by Navy

Beautyholics certainly cannot ignore black. From accessories or even nail designs, black is always the leading color of the trend because of its luxurious beauty, attractive charm, and mysterious personality.

If you are wondering and worried about whether to choose a black style, rest assured! We will help you to select the right one with 20+ black nail designs below. Let’s explore together!

20+ black nail designs

Plain black nail design

Pure black color is always at the top of the list of luxurious black nail designs chosen by many ladies. Although the overall is not too picky, they still bring a beauty that is both fashionable and mysterious.

Glitter black nail design

Blinking glitters on a black background like mysterious night stars create attraction from all eyes around.

Black and white nail design

Black and White are colors that never go out of fashion and so is nail design. The combination of purity and innocence with mysterious and magical black will make the hands stand out even more.

Black and pink nail design

If you like the cuteness, then create a highlight with 1 or 2 pink painted manicures.

Black and green nail design

Green and black seem unrelated, but the combination is also extremely eye-catching. Try it!

French black nail design

Black French-style nail designs are getting a lot of modern girls’ popularity. Because the color is not too colorful, you can also wear this nail model when going to school or work.

Rhinestone black nail design

This is one of the luxurious black nail designs that should not be missed by ladies. The combination of each sparkling stone on the black foundation will further increase the attraction for the hands.

Flame black nail design

If you love nail designs that are both unique and trendy, then surely this luxurious black nail design will be designed specifically for your taste and style.

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Caro black nail design

The caro nail design is always the choice of the girl who loves minimalism but is always looking for a new charm. Variations of caro nail designs from many colors will help you stand out and have an unexpected personality.

Floral black nail design

Nail designs with flowers and beads always make her more feminine, noble and more prominent in luxurious parties and events.

Black and red nail design

Black and red always lead to the trend of glamor. If you are a charming adult girl, you must own this nail color.

Polka dot black nail design

The prominent polka dots on the black, and white background… both bring a new feeling but are also familiar and extremely unique.

Gold black nail design

The combination of a mysterious, magical black color with a bit of glitters add to the attraction of the luxurious black nail model many times over.

Black nail design with magical stones

There are many types of stones used for nail art with many different designs and colors. Stones attached to the nails create an extra highlight that attracts all eyes.

Black nail design with lines

Try the black and white striped nail design now if you are looking for classy black nail designs!

Glossy black nail design

Sometimes it helps to make the whole look more innovative, attractive and mysterious.

Ombre black nail design

Especially for girls who love black but like to be more sophisticated, try the ombre combination!

Black and blue nail design

It seems so vintage in a black and blue nail design.

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Blinking black nail design

Dark colors with shimmering glitters will help you stand out in any situation.

Sparkle black nail design

Sparkle black nail brings a modern and elegant beauty.

Black nail design with jewels

The more stones you attach, the heavier the nail will be. However, the more stones, the more sparkling it will look, making you luxurious and noble like a genuine lady.

Here are the collection of top 20+ black nail designs that we recommend for you in the last of 2022! Bring the chic with you, wear the crown and be a queen!

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