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The 5 Best Short Haircuts For Thin Hair, According To Stylists

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When choosing a new hairstyle to change, besides the element that suits the face and style, many women are also interested in the thickness of the hair. Especially for girls with thin hair, this problem is not easy. From this fact, we will share with you top 5 beautiful short haircuts for thin hair.

Curly short hair

No matter how thin your hair is, you will always capture all eyes with this lovely, youthful and curly hairstyle. Some parts of the hair are curled, making the tail feels thicker and very natural. In particular, with this hairstyle, you will look several years younger.






Curly lob hair

Lob hairstyle is no longer strange to women. This is shoulder-length or slightly shorter hair, usually styled lightly or loosely naturally. A curly bob hairstyle, it makes the hair look thicker and more bouncy. Not only that, this is a hairstyle that is suitable for all faces.






Wavy short hair

Curly hair has been making waves for many years and has not shown any signs of abating. Wavy curls help give you a fresh look. As the name itself suggests, wavy hair is like vivid waves, creating a feeling of thick that is extremely attractive.





Pixie short hair

The pixie hair always has a special charm that helps her show off the delicate lines on her face and hide unnecessary flaws. You can slightly curl the hair to create a bouncy feel to give the hair a thicker look.

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Short hair with bangs

The style of bangs is too familiar to you, right? You can choose bangs to be long, short or super silly to embellish your hair. The biggest plus point of this bang is that it helps to overcome the defects on the face, bringing youthfulness and freshness.






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