The Gorgeous Long-nailed Women On Tik Tok

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Cordelia “Dee Dee” Adams has been a nail technician since 1989. Four years later, she opened her own salon in Indiana. To run the salon, Adams had to concurrently do her administrative work at the US Postal Service. She slept only a very little time in a day, fueled by her devotion to nail art.

Adams’ nails are all delicately designed by herself and have been grown for many years. What’s most impressive is their length: most are 12 inches.

In the past thirty years, Adams has not once taken off his decorations. Instead, she backfills her acrylic overlays and adds new designs as the nails grow. What is really surprising is that she can do everything like writing, driving a car, and other things like everyone else. Many people were surprised and gasped, even staring at Adams curiously but she hasn’t let it bother her. 

Adams created a Tik Tok account in 2020 and that’s how we got to know her. Currently, Adams has accrued more than 800,000 followers on her TikTok account, @goldeelocs10, by showing the world how she navigates life without breaking her lengthy nails. She hopes her videos can help people normalize long nails and challenge people’s preconceptions about their lifestyle. 

#1 Cordelia “Dee Dee” Adams

The Gorgeous Long-nailed Women On Tik Tok - 23Source: Cordelia “Dee Dee” Adams

#2 Season Nixon

In addition to Adams, there are other women who open Tik Tok accounts sharing about their daily lives when they have long nails. Season Nixon, a 43-year-old nail influencer from Pennsylvania who has nearly 31,000 followers on her TikTok account, @queentippietaps, pulling in viewers has been shockingly easy. Nixon garnered millions of views by chopping up Brussel sprouts, putting on her shoes, and even just wiggling her six-and-a-half-inch long nails and two-inch-long toenails in front of the camera.

The Gorgeous Long-nailed Women On Tik Tok - 25Source: Season Nixon

#3 Ana Otaño

Ana Otaño, a New York woman with 5-inch nails who has nearly 13,000 followers on her four-year-old TikTok account, @bknails923 said she’s received a lot of “expensive” offers thanks to her special nails, but she refused them.

The Gorgeous Long-nailed Women On Tik Tok - 27Source: Ana Otaño

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