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Top 30 Best Short Haircuts That Women Should Try Once

by Shelly

Following the trend of favoring dynamic beauty, short hair is always the most sought-after. If long hair signifies feminine attractiveness, short hair will adorn the personality and youthfulness. Short hairstyles have been leading the fashion trend in recent years.

Do you want to take a shortcut to stay ahead of the trend? The following 30 impressive suggestions should not be ignored. Keep scrolling down to find out more!

#1 Cute Blonde Bob

Source: Unknown

Bob’s haircut creates the illusion of volume thanks to the layering. Blonde color will make you look younger. Very adorable!

#2 Pixie with Tints of Purple

Source: Unknown

This punk-style pixie cut is super edgy. In addition, it is easy to maintain, such as washing, steaming, and drying. Let’s dye it purple to complete the look.

#3 A Long Silver Pixie

Source: Unknown

It’s never too late to change your hair length and color. Long pixie hair is suitable for girls with oval faces. You should add a silver color to make your skin look fresher.

#4 Layered Short Haircuts With Highlights

Source: Unknown

The short layered haircut is a lifesaver for girls with thin hair. The dark roots should be combined perfectly with blonde highlights.

#5 Grey Hair With Short Shag Haircut

Source: Unknown

Are you wondering about a hairstyle to look sporty? We recommend a short shag haircut. The dark gray roots and silver-white top layer accentuate the angles. And the slightly longer pieces in the front generate harmony for your face shape.

#6 A Sleek Chocolate Bob

Source: Unknown

Do you want a sleeker hairstyle? This straight bob with chocolate dye is the solution. When styling, you have to curl the ends of your hair inwards to preserve the form.

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#7 One-length Short Haircuts

Source: Unknown

Girls with thick hair could try a short side swept hairstyle right away. Add some yellow touches to avoid boredom.

#8 Fire-Inspired Bob

Source: Unknown

This choppy bob hairstyle is hot like fire. However, an all-black bob might get dull, so why not try a fiery red?

#9 A White Blonde Bob

Source: Unknown

Sometimes, being messy is a good idea. This bob with messy layers is typical. Slay curls combined with white blonde color exalt the spoilt beauty.

#10 A Stacked Bob

Source: Unknown

The stacked bob is ideal for women with thin hair. The back-layered hair gives volume and depth to the overall look.

#11 A Piece-y Short Haircut

Source: Unknown

You may keep the sweetness of the piece-y hairdo by alternating long and short curls. Before drying your hair, you should use a little serum.

#12 Tousled Asymmetrical Long Pixie

Source: Unknown

The asymmetrical pixie hairstyle has a shorter rear and a longer front. The balayage method is used to divide the color across short layers.

#13 A Cropped Blonde Bob

Source: Unknown

This cropped blonde bob is definitely worth a shot. It possesses both elegance and nobility.

#14 A Rock ‘n Roll Pixie

Source: Unknown

What a rebellious vibe! The hairline is kept dark and the rest is silver. A rock ‘n roll pixie is ideal if you want to be in the spotlight.

#15 Long Pixie with Glasses

Source: Unknown

Long pixie hair looks great on girls who wear glasses. You can wear your hair straight or ruffled, layered or single.

#16 A Punk Pixie

Source: Unknown

The pixie punk cut is a style for women with vitality. And it is very low-maintenance and easy to style.

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#17 A Copper Blunt Bob

Source: Unknown

A short bob can look smooth like this. Add chocolate dye to make the hair shiny.

#18 Platinum Blonde With Tints of Pink

Source: Unknown

For a stunning contrast, the platinum blonde strands must cover pink hair. This fantastic combination gives off a rebellious vibe.

#19 A Silky White Bob

Source: Unknown

A sleek bob hairstyle is a pleasurable experience. You should add layers to the upper part to add volume. Furthermore, a white coating brightens your skin.

#20 A Modern Long Pixie

Source: Unknown

The modern pixie haircut features a short middle and long sides. The hairs aren’t needed to follow any pattern to establish freedom.

#21 Feathery Rainbow Short Haircut For Women

Source: Unknown

Rainbow colors covered this pixie hair. If you are a daring girl, why not give it a try?

#22 Side-Parted Pixie

Source: Unknown

Side-cut pixie hair is very suitable for girls who like to be trendy. It’s better when short to long layers are pressed to the side.

#23 Wavy Bob With Highlights

Source: Unknown

With a straight ponytail and striking brown color, this short hairstyle for women is trendy. Loose spiral curls like these tend to work best because they aren’t heavy and they’re not as likely to get frizzy.

#24 White Pixie With Dark Roots

Source: Unknown

The short ruffled hair blending into the long bangs creates the versatile pixie hairstyle. The white dye complements perfectly the dark roots.

#25 One-length Bob With Chopped Layers

Source: Unknown

If you have thick hair, you should choose a one-way bob to achieve harmony.

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#26 Messy Asymmetrical Bob

Source: Unknown

There’s no need to be colorful when a jet-black bob is very playful. Asymmetrical untidy cuts will require less maintenance time.

#27 Wavy Bob With Pastel Pink

Source: Unknown

Pastel pink on a wavy bob will flatter your skin tone. Moreover, the lengthy front curls touch the collarbone, creating a feeling of cradling the face.

#28 Inverted Bob With Root Lift

Source: Unknown

The inverted bob is a chic alternative to the normal bob. The overlapping layers give your hair a thicker appearance.

#29 Ash Brown Curly Bob

Source: Unknown

Shoulder-length curls dyed ash brown have the effect of attracting light. Thus, you will be the standout girl when striding in the sun.

#30 Caramel To Blonde Ombre Bob

Source: Unknown

The essence of this hairstyle is to curl the tail to provide definition and dimension. With ombre hair color ranging from caramel to blonde, you look so cool.


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