16 Super-Trendy Short Flattering Hairstyles You Can’t Miss

by Rebecca

    In the 1920s, women’s short hair became in vogue. The short crop, the shingle bob, and the bob cut (a blunt cut to the chin or neck and an even cut all around) were among the popular looks. The 1920s’ bobbed haircut was a form of social protest that brought women one step closer to gender equality. This hairdo at that time symbolized a very determined, and no-nonsense woman who emanated power and elegance through her hair and personal style.

    In the 1930s and 1940s, women favored longer hairstyles, but in 1953, when Audrey Hepburn wore a pixie cut in the movie Roman Holiday, short hair made a comeback. The 1960s saw the popularity of short hair, but the 1970s and 1980s witnessed a shift toward other hairstyles. However, In the 1990s, short hair was again banged on the trend, and it still does now.

    There are some reasons behind its popularity. Unlike long hair, short hair requires low maintenance. Many, therefore, choose to cut their hair short to save time and effort in maintaining it. Moreover, short hair is quite versatile. Sometimes, it offers a person a fresh, new look, and suits them so much more than long hair.

    Whether you are considering going short-short, or you currently have a short hairdo and are dying for a change, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve picked up some dopest shortcuts and styles to inspire your next look! There’s something for every hair texture and plenty of choices. Check it out!

    #1 Easy Short Pixie Hair Cut

    Source: Unknown

    The platinum hair’s smooth texture is highlighted by the choppy razor hairdo. To achieve the layered hairstyle, medium to long layers are cut throughout the back and sides. It is kept longer and thinner immediately above the eyes, or just a bit kissing the eyes. It has a boyish appearance and requires little upkeep.

    #2 Asymmetrical Short Bob Haircut for Women

    Source: misteranhcotran.com

    Those with square or round faces will absolutely look great with this trendy hairstyle. Layers are skillfully cut around the sides and front to give the hairdo a perfect shape and add softness.

    #3 Best Short Hairstyles for Oval Face Shape

    Source: Unknown

    For women with broad foreheads, the side-parted short hairstyle looks amazing and smashing. Below the ears, a few smooth textures give the hairdo a perfect oval shape. This fabulous hairdo suits a variety of face shapes. The short straight cut with an edge side looks cool and is appropriate for winter.

    #4 Chic Pixie Haircuts with Long Bangs

    Source: Unknown

    Long bangs on a pixie cut are a short crop with a flexible extended fringe to fit most women’s face shapes. Pixie cuts and other short hairstyles with bangs are striking, and ideal for self-confidence enhancement!

    #5 Classic Short Hairstyle

    Source: Unknown

    As a classic short haircut, it is ideal for both cut girls and mature women. Also, to enhance the look, a try to add some accessories such as a headband.

    #6 Cute Bob Haircut for Blunt Bangs

    Source: Unknown

    This is a timeless blunt haircut that’s favored by many women. The outward hair ends gives the short hairdo a drizzling look. This fabulous hairstyle can be a perfect option for both formal and informal occasions.

    #7 Cute Straight Bob Haircut

    Source: Unknown

    A hairstyle that has been cycled in and out of style for a long time. The side thick bangs complement the short hairdo in a way that makes it look rounder.

    #8 Ombre Hair on Short Hairstyles: Back View

    Source: Unknown

    Ombre short hair has been popular for a very long time. It definitely looks gorgeous and modern-chic. This pixie cut in the picture is very hip and boyish. The top half is left alone and stacked for volume, while the back is cropped shorter. The hairdo is sophisticated and full of elegance and beauty thanks to the carefully constructed layers.

    #9 Short Curly Hairstyles

    Source: Unknown

    If you’re looking for a thin curly hairdo that can double as art, then look no further. The tousled layers can add a seductive and alluring vibe to the overall look. To keep the curls bouncy and silky for a longer period of time, do not forget to use some hold hairspray.

    #10 Short Haircuts for Thin Hair

    Source: Unknown

    If you want to make a bold statement, this amazing and voluminous short hairstyle will fit the bill. This hairdo is an ideal choice for brave and creative women. It It necessitates a specific facial structure and hair texture.

    #11 Short Haircuts Trends

    Source: Unknown

    The short haircut has side partings and slick layers. With the wide side bangs, the upper part of the face is nicely framed and accentuated.

    #12 Short Hairstyles with Accessories

    Source: Unknown

    The dazzling accessory makes the short hairdo stand out and attracts attention to the wearer.

    #13 Short Shaggy Razor Haircuts

    Source: Unknown

    This hairdo made reinforce its popularity from its original 1990s heyday and is still all the rage right now. It’s perfect for women with thin or flat hair. With its textured and carved-out pieces, a short razored shag cut is youthful and enjoyable to wear.

    #14 Short Wavy Hairstyles

    Source: Unknown

    The short, curly platinum hairstyle is worn in a casual way. The bouncy curls give the whole look amazing movement and volume. Some blunt-cut side bangs that sweep across the forehead are layered in a way that makes the whole style look soft and tender.

    #15 Trendy Layered Short Haircuts

    Source: Unknown

    This is a sexy short loose messy hairstyle. The bright purple highlight accentuates the basic color of the hair. The hair is given lots of layers and parted to one side. Some volumizing moose can help keep the perfect shape and score a maximum of volume. The adorable hairstyle is quite suitable for informal events.

    #16 Trendy Short Hairstyles

    Source: www.themodernroost.com

    The short hairstyle always looks chic and gorgeous. Both sides are left and customized a bit longer for face-framing. This stunning hairdo is ideal for any day or night event.

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