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20 Ways To Jazz Up Your Short Hair With Highlights

by Navy

As soon as it became a hot hit trend, short hair highlighting had a lot of variations in styles and colors for girls to choose from. Currently, there are many beautiful highlight colors that short-haired girls can choose to contribute to their personality or style. Let’s check and screenshot them immediately!


In dyed hair colors for stylish girls, trendy blonde is indispensable. Gold is an outstanding and luxurious color.

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The perfect blend of gray and smoky shades will make your short hair attract all eyes.

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You can choose blue highlights on dark hair such as smoky gray, black, deep brown, etc. With this sophistication but no less outstanding, why not F5 yourself with this new and unique color?

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Purple-red highlight is a very interesting dyed hair color for short-haired girls with personality. Purple itself brings an irresistible charm.

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The short hair with  red-brown highlights is more than enough to make you fall in love with all eyes on the street!

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The highlight bangs bring a very strong visual effect. A new and different color on the roof immediately brightens up the face.

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Smokey highlighter makes your skin brighter and even tanned skin is very suitable. Smoky gray hair color will give you a radiant, outstanding, and extremely stylish look.

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If you don’t want to be bored with 1-color light strokes on a dark background, you can try rainbow highlight right away.

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The yellow highlight will be extremely suitable for trendy short hair. During the day, when the sunlight hits your hair, your highlights will shine and make you stand out.

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This is an outstanding color tone that you cannot ignore when dyeing light short hair. Red color not only brings eye-catching, and attractive but also helps to lift skin tone, making you look more radiant and rosy.

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If you want to change yourself differently, you should absolutely not ignore dyeing with pixie hair. Personality short hair combined with outstanding, fashionable dyes will make you more attractive than ever.

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It is the color of rebellion and enthusiasm. The hair dyed on the short hair background is an irresistible attraction.

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The orange-brown highlight-dyed hair color has never ceased to be hot, but recently it has become more and more popular.

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In the evening, this beautiful hair color will give you an aura that is suitable for lively parties.

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Pink and purple are both colors that can combine quite well with many hair backgrounds, so you can apply any hair color.

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This color palette gives the viewer a feeling of lightness and friendliness, so it is suitable for girls with a feminine style.

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With the appearance of moss green on short hair, you will look “cool” everywhere you go and shine in a very unique way!

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This hairstyle is really suitable for girls who like outstanding personality styles.

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Girlfriends like this sweet and gentle style but still no less bold, then choosing a light background color and neon pink highlight will be an extremely good suggestion.

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Yellow highlight is becoming the hottest color trend recently.

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