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17 Easy Home Decor Ideas Using Old Chairs

by Marry Dell

Turns out, broken and rotten chairs can be turned into gorgeous new furnishings for the home. If you are looking for ideas to make something with your old chairs as you don’t want to throw them out. Here, we’ve rounded up a great collection of projects that you will love trying. From wall art decorations, planters, or even a bathroom towel rack, made from your re-purposed chairs. There are so many options for repurposing furniture!
17 Easy Home Decor Ideas Using Old Chairs
Whether your chairs are in any state, you also can back them to your treasure. These creative ideas are all so easy, too, and will transform those old chairs into useful, functional, beautiful furnishings that you’re sure to be proud to show off when someone visits your home. Spending time taking a look at the collection and as always, let us know which project or projects you’ve tried.

#1 Wall Art Decoration

Source: Prairiegirl4-thatcountryplace

#2 Vintage Chair Drink Stand

Source: Ohmy-creative

#3 DIY Porch Swing

Source: Hayneedle

#4 Upcycled Side Table

Source: Knickoftime

#5 Cozy Little Kitchen Corner

Source: Thecozyoldfarmhouse

#6 Front Door Wreath

Source: Petticoatjunktion

#7 Up-Cycled Into A Succulent Wall Planter for Bathroom

Source: Hometalk

#8 Farmhouse Chair Shelf

Source: Acottageinthecity

#9 Create Dog Feeders

Source: Bhg

#10 Make a Front Porch Flower Planter

Source: Hubpages

#11 Front Yard Landscaping Idea

Source: Discover.hubpages

#12 DIY Rusty Bench

Source: Duydainanma

#13 Repurposed Ladder Back Chair Shelf

Source: Homeroad

#14 DIY Mirror Combine a Shelf

Source: Jose Pelogia

#15 Towel Storage Idea

Source: Homebnc

#16 A Clever Storage Box

Source: Diyncrafts

#17 A Perfect Necklace Holder

Source: Tumblr

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