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20 Dreamy Star Nail Designs To Add Magic To Your Life

by Navy

Girls who love the sparkle of stars in the sky will definitely not be able to ignore this star-shaped nail design. The star nail model with a variety of colors, combined with small details, will make the girls stand out and shine more anywhere, on a date or at a party.

Now you don’t have to wait until nightfall to see the stars. With just a few basic strokes, you can see the shimmering stars in golden color on your pretty hands. Let’s check out now


You can choose nail designs with glossy pink background color with a black or dark star with a little more shimmer on the background, looking extremely elegant and still stylish.

Source: unknown


Choosing for yourself this nail model, girlfriends can be creative and emphasize their own style such as adding glitter or silver details to help create a new and unique look.

Source: unknown


And if you want to have impressive, outstanding hands to highlight during a day of photography in the studio, for example, you can paint your nails in shimmering neon colors and embellish them with magical stars.

Source: unknown


If you have a personal preference such as when going to “exciting” events like Rock Storm, you can switch to a strong black background nail design with big and small colorful stars that are very eye-catching.

Source: TheCirlieTomboy


Bring Christmas vibe into star nail designs.

Source: unknown


And yet, a girl who loves romance and femininity can also own a beautiful star-inspired nail design with a super sweet pink foundation and just one or two stars as accents.

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Source: Useful


A simple star nail design in black and white tone is a good idea if you are pursuing the minimalism!

Source: unknown


Having a great contrast when mixing colorful star shapes in white background.

Source: unknown


This is a great nail style for dates.

Source: unknown


Being stylish with French manicure style!

Source: Manicured


That lovely star image is also often reproduced on women’s nails in many extremely cute ways like this.

Source: unknown


Pick and mix star in a messy way will enhance your creativity, especially with sparkling tone like this.

Source: unknown


Another black star in white background idea. It must have been very popular for young people!

Source: sonailicious.com


Ombre is even more attractive with star-shaped nail designs.

Source: unknown


Have you ever tried glittering star nails?

Source: unknown


Pastel colors are always trendy this year.

Source: monika_nails


If you are a girl who love gentle and soft style, don’t miss out this nail style!

Source: unknown


Be a witch with this mysterious but simple star nail design.

Source: unknown


Miss the beach? How about having a star and sand nail design, hah?

Source: unknown


A chrome star nail design is extremely luxurious!

Source: unknown

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