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20+ Short Acrylic Nail Designs For Every Season And Occasion

by Navy

Nail art has gradually become one of the most popular beauty trends. Just like a fashion outfit, new hair, or a perfect makeup layout, a stylish nail set also helps “boost” the confidence or charisma of women in front of the crowd. In the midst of suggestions from simple to abstract, you may be overwhelmed and confused about how to choose a nail suggestion. Then, let’s go through a series of 20+ short acrylic nail designs below!

Simple short acrylic nail designs

The simple short acrylic nail model is being chosen by many women because of the gentle colors that show feminine charm. This soft nail design is very suitable for women with a deep temper. Owning this nail model is very suitable for coordinating outfits as well as makeup.









French short acrylic nail designs

French manicure is one of the most popular nail designs today. This will be the ideal nail style for girls who like minimalism but are still modern and fashionable. The characteristic of the French nail is a pink or beige polish that covers the whole and stands out with a simple white line at the tip of the nail. To add more interest and highlight, believers can replace it with colorful and lively twists.








Luxurious short acrylic nail designs

Most beautiful nails with stones are done on acrylic nail designs. They look extremely gorgeous and luxurious. Pay attention to limiting the number of stones to be attached. Thus, the new nail looks both simple and modern but equally eye-catching.

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The number of stone nail types is very diverse. But perhaps you will easily fall in love with the ombre nail style combined with stones and beads at the tip of the finger.








Here are the most popular short acrylic nails in recent times. With a streamlined, no-frills, and beautiful design, the above nail designs are in line with the standards that many women are in need of. If you are falling in love, don’t hesitate to go to the salon and reward yourself with a brand-new nail set.


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