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20 Under The Stair Ideas You’ll Love

by Joyce

More storage is always useful in homes. Luckily, the sometimes overlooked area underneath a stairway is perfect for drawers and cabinets.

This chic illustration of under-stair storage provides a covert location to store shoes and other items. You wouldn’t know there is storage behind the wall thanks to the straightforward hardware and details.

Click through for 20 DIY home storage under-the-stairs improvement projects to help you make your house more attractive, useful, and efficient.

#1. Create Your Own Reading Nook

Source: Bob Vila

#2. Where Your Books Belong To

Source: Country Living Magazine

#3. Great Place To Store Your Clothes

Source: Houzz

#4. Your Hidden Storage Cabinet

Source: Fifi McGee

#5. Your Cozy Workplace

Source: Clever Ideas

#6. Your Cinema Under Stairs

Source: Houzz

#7. A Tiny Bathroom

Source: Pinterest

#8. Your Lovely Pet In His Own House

Source: The Savvy Home Stylist

#9. Extremely Convenient Unit

Source: The Family Handyman

#10. Keep All Your Groceries Neat

Source: Clever Closet

#11. Show Off Your Wine Collection

Source: Wine Guardian

#12. Build A Playhouse For Your Young Members

Source: Funkthishouse –

#13. To Be Minimalistic Is Always Better

Source: Gharpedia

#14. A Perfect Relaxing Corner

Source: Homecrux

#15. A Room Every Kid Wanna Stay In

Source: House Beautiful

#16. Your Own Private Corner To Focus

Source: Zameen.com

#17. Kitchen Under Stairs

Source: Design Cafe

#18. The Best Staircase Storage

Source: largeanimalcrossingetc.com

#19. A Display Under Your Steps

Source: Pinterest

#20. Contemporary Shelf With A Plenty Of Rooms

Source: Fifi McGee

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