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22 Easy Outfit Ideas To Turn Every Lazy Girl Into A Fashionista

by Rebecca

Every girl understands the pain of looking at her wardrobe for hours but still can’t decide which outfit to wear. The situation is even worse when you’re in a hurry. Your panic makes you choose the most ridiculous attires, and the regret punches you in the guts on your way out. So how to avoid this? How to stop overthinking every time we dress up?

Well, turns out there are some fashion combinations that work 99% of the time. The best thing about these mix-and-matches is that they are affordable and super simple to remember. Follow these guides, and you won’t have to spend too much time on which pieces go with which.

If you often spend way too much time picking your outfits every day, this list will help you solve your problems. Scroll down for 22 easy outfit ideas that can make you look like a fashionista without any effort.

1. Oversized Blazer + Trousers

2. Mini skirt + Longline Blazer

3. Midi Dress + Fun Coat

4. Jumper + Slip Skirt

5. Cosy Jumper + Cashmere Trousers

6. Knitted Vest + White Shirt + Long Trousers

7. Cut-out Top + Simple Trousers

8. Suit + Trainers

9. Denim Skirt + Oversized Jumper

10. Tweed Jacket + Flare Jeans

11. Leather Trench + Jeans

12. Jeans + White Shirt + Tailored Coat

13. Cardigan + Jeans

14. Leather Jacket + Wide-leg Jeans

15. Shacket + Jeans + Beanie

16. Roll Neck + Jacket + Jeans

17. Double Denim

18. Jeans + Fluffy Coat

19. Tea Dress + Chunky Boots

20. Knitted Dress + Belt

21. Chunky Necklace + Sweatshirt

22. Beige Tones + Black Accessories

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