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26 Brilliant Ways To Reuse Old Buckets In Your Outdoor Space

by Marry Dell

Have you ever tried to turn old buckets into colorful and eye-catching planters? Simply drill a few drainage holes in the bottom of the bucket, fill it with soil, and add your favorite plants. You can also paint the buckets in bright colors or patterns to make them stand out even more. Here are 26 Brilliant Ways To Reuse Old Buckets In Your Outdoor Space, let’s discover what you can do with the ones you already have.
26 Brilliant Ways To Reuse Old Buckets In Your Outdoor Space
Rather than throwing them away, reuse them in clever and functional ways to add a unique touch to your outdoor decor. A rustic and functional storage solution, a fire pit, a water feature, and more, all promise to give fun and unique touches. With a little creativity and DIY know-how, you can turn old buckets into functional and stylish decor that’s sure to impress.

#1 Outdoor Fire Pit

Source: diyncrafts

#2 Garden Water Pond

Source: pinterest

#3 Garden Water Feature

Source: containerwatergardens

#4 A DIY Water Fountain

Source: hgvt

#5 Hanging Bucket Planter

Source: pinterest

#6 Spilled Pot Idea

Source: pinterest

#7 Tipsy Bucket Tower

Source: hometalk

#8 Crystal Water Droplet Garden Art

Source: Mandy

#9 Rustic Farmhouse Water Well

Source: Tammy Finch

#10 DIY Garden Feature

Source: Nicola Grobler

#11 DIY Garden Flower Tower

Source: flowerpatchfarmhouse

#12 A Small Raised Garden Bed

Source: dengarden

#13 Garden Hose Holder

Source: willworkfordecor

#14 A Stunning Focal Point For Front Yard

Source: organizedclutter

#15 Hanging Flower Planter

Source: nytimes

#16 Drink Stand

Source: countryliving

#17 Miniature Junk Garden

Source: pinterest

#18 Upcycle Watering Feature Used Cans and Buckets

Source: annsgardenpath

#19 A Vertical Flower Garden

Source: pinterest

#20 A Beautiful Small Flower Pot

Source: organizedclutter

#21 Framed Lobelia Bucket

Source: hometalk

#22 Upcycled Galvanized Birdhouses

Source: findinghomefarms

#23 Sit and Sip Beverage Bucket

Source: personalcreations

#24 Simple Porch Decorating Idea

Source: hometalk

#25 A Storage For Garage

Source: novamett

#26 A Miniature Container Pond

Source: watersidenursery

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