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30 Gorgeous Red Glitter Nails To Slay Your Christmas Parties Like A Model

by Rebecca

Glittery red nails with a hint of sparkle are elegant and timeless. This look is fabulous for any occasion, especially events like Christmas. Gorgeous red glitter nails can make you the center of attention and elevate your outfit, no matter what you decide to wear. And it’s a Christmas’s traditional color, making it the best nail polish option for this season. So, here are some stunning ideas on how to slay red nails like a queen.

From classy red to gorgeous glitter-accented nails, this list has the blink that can instantly elevate your look. Scroll down and check these red glitter manicures to find your perfect designs for the holiday season. Don’t forget to hit the Pin button and add your faves to your collection!

1. Red French Tips With Rhinestones

Red French Tips With Rhinestones

2. Glittery Candies

Glittery Candies

3. Sparkly Mini Hats

Sparkly Mini Hats

4. Red Abstract Swirls

Red Abstract Swirls

5. Cute Present

Cute Present

6. Glittered Accent Nails

Glittered Accent Nails

7. Sparkly Red Snowflakes

Sparkly Red Snowflakes

8. Red Plaid With A Shiny Twist

Red Plaid With A Shiny Twist

9. Fun Candy Canes

Fun Candy Canes

10. Short Red Glitter Nails

Short Red Glitter Nails

11. Glamorous Swirls

Glamorous Swirls

12. Royal Red

Royal Red

13. Charming Heart

Charming Heart

14. Short And Cute

Short And Cute

15. Red And Gold Party

Red And Gold Party

16. Sparkly Red French Tips

Sparkly Red French Tips

17. Merry Red Nails

Merry Red Nails

18. Candy-Accented Nails

Candy-Accented Nails

19. Cute Short Nails For Christmas

Cute Short Nails For Christmas

20. Red Glittered Tips

Red Glittered Tips

21. Reindeer-Accented Nails

Reindeer-Accented Nails

22. Almond Red Fench Tips

Almond Red Fench Tips

23. Gold Glitter And Red Delight

Gold Glitter And Red Delight

24. Burgundy Plaids

Burgundy Plaids

25. Simple Glitter Nails

Simple Glitter Nails

26. Fun Red And Pink

Fun Red And Pink

27. Burgundy Delight

Burgundy Delight

28. Pointy Red

Pointy Red

29. Sparkly Red Mani

Sparkly Red Mani

30. Short Glam

Short Glam

Do you like these red nails? Don’t forget to save them if you do! And while we’re on Christmas nails, why not break the rules and go for something more stand out? These green Christmas manicures are to die for and might even make you shine brighter than your classy red nails. Go check them out before you hit the salon!

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