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30 Sexy Dark Red Nails Perfect For Winter

by Rebecca

Dark red nails are sexy. There is just something so alluring about these deep crimson shades, especially during the colder months. They remind us of rich wines, cozy blankets, and everything we love about winter. The best part of dark red nails is that they come in hundreds of shades. You can choose a sultry cherry hue or a darker burgundy. Whatever you choose will be gorgeous!

Dark red nails are often a popular nail color in the fall and winter, but it’s a lovely shade for manicures all year. Don’t believe us? Scroll down and check it out for yourself. Below are 30 sexy and stunning dark red nail designs to slay your next manicure makeover. If you like this list as much as we do, don’t forget to hit the Pin button and save it to your Pinterest.

1. Red Charm

Red Charm

2. Duo Finish

Duo Finish

3. Red Velvet

Red Velvet

4. Dark Cherries

Dark Cherries

5. Burgundy Heart

Burgundy Heart

6. Red Magic

Red Magic

7. Plaided Wine Nails

Plaided Wine Nails

8. Shiny Red

Shiny Red

9. Glamorous Glittered Red Nails

Glamorous Glittered Red Nails

10. Moody Marble

Moody Marble

11. Deep Burgundy Nails

Deep Burgundy Nails

12. Negative Heart

Negative Heart

13. Red And White French Mani

Red And White French Mani

14. Geometric Burgundy Nails

Geometric Burgundy Nails

15. Dark Red Glam

Dark Red Glam

16. Fun Red Nails

Fun Red Nails

17. Red With A Touch Of Silver

Red With A Touch Of Silver

18. Chic Red Manicure

Chic Red Manicure

19. Burgundy Swirls

Burgundy Swirls

20. Deep Burgundy Glam

Deep Burgundy Glam

21. Red And Black

Red And Black

22. Burgundy Nails With Glittered Tips

Burgundy Nails With Glittered Tips

23. Red Wine Nails

Red Wine Nails

24. Matte Nails With Shiny Tips

Matte Nails With Shiny Tips

25. Snowy Red

Snowy Red

26. Matte Red Chrome Nails

Matte Red Chrome Nails

27. Festive Red

Festive Red

28. Winter Burgundy

Winter Burgundy

29. Abstract Burgundy Nails

Abstract Burgundy Nails

30. Burgundy And Black Gradient Nails

Burgundy And Black Gradient Nails

Did you enjoy our collection of stunning dark red nails? Check out our compilation of the prettiest dark, vampy nails we have gathered from social media for more gorgeous, moody manicure designs. Aside from manicure designs, we have many fabulous beauty inspos and lifestyle tips waiting for you. Check them out, and let’s build a better life.

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