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35 Inspiring Garden Ideas For Wannabe Plant Parents

by Jenny

Flower containers, vegetable gardens, and planters definitely enhance the attractiveness of any home and can be enjoyable hobbies. However, your journey to becoming a plant parent can be limited due to narrow spaces or the fears of bugs and insects. In these cases, the possibilities within indoor garden ideas are still as diverse as the plant kingdom itself, and you can never go wrong with adding some hanging planters or a floating shelf.

Check out the indoor garden ideas below to add some greenery to your home and enjoy the benefits of various indoor plants and flowers. Then, you’ll kick yourself for not starting your own indoor garden sooner.

#1. Succulent Garden

#2. Herb Garden

#3. Terrarium

#4. Hanging Plants

#5. Window Sill Garden

#6. Indoor Fruit Trees

#7. Living Wall

#8. Fairy Garden

#9. Zen Garden

#10. Miniature Garden

#11. Air Plant Garden

#12. Bathroom Garden

#13. Bookshelf Garden

#14. Indoor Pond

#15. Hanging Terracotta Pots

#16. Vegetable Garden

#17. Bonsai Garden

#18. Cactus Garden

#19. Trailing Plant Garden

#20. Shelf Ladder Garden

#21. Vertical Bamboo Garden

#22. Repurposed Fish Tank Garden

#23. Kitchen Garden

#24. Coffee Table Garden

#25. Moss Garden

#26. Tropical Garden

#27. Floating Garden

#28. Orchid Garden

#29. Calathea Garden

#30. Table Garden

#31. Cart Garden

#32. Sitting Room Garden

#33. Home Office Garden

#34. Indoor Garden Closet

#35. Wall of Plant Cuttings

From today, you can grow your own indoor lemon tree, start a tasty herb garden, create a living wall or if you prefer to start small, try taking care of a small collection of cactus. We’re here to see how far have you gone with your passion for plants and creativity with arrangements, so don’t forget to share and leave a comment below.

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