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4 Steps To Growing Healthy And Flavorful Garlic In Water

by Jenny

Growing our own garlic at home is something many of us desire, but not everyone has access to a garden. Fortunately, we have an excellent solution that enables you to effortlessly cultivate garlic indoors, without any concerns about the weather, soil, mulch, or weeds. All you need are a few garlic cloves, a glass of water, and a sunny spot, and a little of care and attention.

1. Preparation

Before start growing your homegrown garlic, you’ll need some essentials. First, get your hands on a plump garlic bulb. It’s like choosing the star of your garden show, so pick a healthy, organic one. You’ll also need a clear glass or a small container, as long as it’s clear so you can admire the roots’ progress.

In addition, prepare some clean pebbles or marbles – these will support the garlic as it grows. Finally, have some water ready at room temperature; garlic prefers a drink that’s not too cold or too warm.

2. Growing Garlic In Water

Before anything else, gently break the garlic bulb into individual cloves. The flat end is where the roots will emerge, and the pointy end is where the green shoots will sprout.

The next step, take a glass or container and place the pebbles at the bottom. This helps provide stability for the garlic and ensures it won’t sit directly in the water. Now, place one garlic clove, flat end down, on top of the pebbles. Add enough water to submerge the clove’s base but not so much that it’s fully covered. You want the roots to reach for the water, not drown in it.

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Garlic loves sunlight, so find a sunny windowsill for your garlic-growing setup. This will encourage robust growth and vibrant green shoots.

3. Taking Care Of Your Garlic

Keep an eye on the water level in your container. Ensure that the base of the garlic clove stays submerged in water. Top it up when needed, and remember to change the water every few days to prevent mold and stagnation.

In a week or two, you’ll start to see green shoots emerging from the garlic cloves.  They will grow quickly and can reach up to 10 inches in height. They’ll reach for the sunlight and grow steadily. Your garlic is officially on its way to becoming a lovely, edible green houseplant.

4. Harvesting Your Garlic Greens

Once your garlic greens have reached a height of about 6-8 inches, it’s time to reap the rewards. Snip off the greens as needed, leaving about an inch of growth above the clove’s base. These garlic greens can be used in various culinary dishes, offering a milder garlic flavor compared to the bulbs. Just like a fresh herb, they’ll add a zesty kick to your meals.

The best part? As you trim, your garlic greens will keep growing back, so you can enjoy them for weeks. You can use these flavorful greens in salads, as a garnish, or to add a subtle garlic touch to your culinary creations.

When growing garlic in water, you should remember that it will not produce full bulbs, but only garlic greens that can be used as a garnish or a flavoring. However, it is still a simple, enjoyable way to grow your own herbs at home, even if you’re limited on outdoor garden space

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