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8 Best Sweet Potato Varieties

by Marry Dell

Sweet potatoes are one of the crops that are easy to grow and take care of, so if you’re a beginner, this tuber is the first choice. Better still, sweet potatoes are one of the nutritious and healthy vegetables that are rich in fiber, vitamin C, and potassium and also are a great source of beta carotene. That is the reason why you should give this vegetable a small space in your garden.
8 Best Sweet Potato Varieties
Unlike the usual sweet potato variety, there are a lot of varieties grown around the world. And here, we’ve narrowed the collection below to the top performers for your garden. Growing them for the garden, you not only have organic food to enjoy but also make your garden more attractive and vivid. They are easy to find in any seed stores, grow them in your garden and just wait for the harvest time, after that bring them from the garden to the kitchen.

#1 Jewel

Source: Specialtyproduce

Also called the “Queen” of Sweet Potatoes, this variety is the leading spud planted in North Carolina for commercial growers. Its tubers are short and chunky but it gives a plentiful yield, even six sweets for one plant.

#2 Garnet

Source: Goodeggs

The Garnet sweet potatoes produce dark orange-red skin with bright purple flesh. They are moister than other varieties making them perfect for baking, even if they retain their lovely reddish hue.

#3 Stokes

Source: Itsyummi

Stokes have stunning, rich purple skin and flesh, it can maintain the color even after cooking. Using this variety in your dishes or bakes is more fun by its vibrant purple.

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#4 Beaureguard

Source: Growjoy

Known as one of the most popular sweet potato varieties in the world as it gives a high yield during harvest and is also highly disease tolerant.

#5 Okinawan

Source: Everythingfood

Native to Okinawa, Japan, the Okinawan has a beige on the outside and lavender-purple on the inside and turns a blue-ish purple when cooked. This sweet potato is a delicate, slightly sweet taste and a creamy texture that is on the starchy side. For the best, give water multiple times a day, and grow it in rich, nutritious soil, and sunny, and warm conditions.

#6 Japanese

Source: Thespruceeats

The “Japanese” sweet potatoes offer a distinctive purple-ish skin with creamy white flesh that turns yellow, even when cooked. Its tastes have a sweet and rich flavor making it great for both savory and sweet dishes.

#7 Georgia Jet

Source: Territorialseed

Georgia Jet grows well in the weather of the northern regions as it matures in 90 days under cooler temperatures. Its vines can reach 40″ long.

#8 Hannah

Source: Etsy

Hannah is also called ‘Yellow Hannah’ or ‘Sweet Hannah, it has oblong a semi-smooth skin with an off-white, tan, or creamy skin, and yellowish tender flesh. It grows well in warm weather and has a texture like a traditional white potato.

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