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8 Gorgeous Houseplants That Display Velvet Leaves

by Marry Dell

If you love soft, fuzzy velvet texture and want to add this color to your house, the list of the plants below is for you. They own dramatic shades of smooth and velvety foliage to brighten up rooms and add a touch of warmth to the décor as well as elevate the look of your interiors. They not only are great options to help you have a chance to closer to nature but also one of the most beautiful and unique types to add to your home interior.
8 Gorgeous Houseplants That Display Velvet Leaves
Taking them a look, they are so attractive, right? From the shape, size, to the color of the leaves, all are so special. Each has its own unique beauty that makes will fall in love with them when staying in front of their beauty, whether you are a lover-planter or not, you will fall in love with their natural beauty. Give them a space in your home and enjoy their beauty now!

#1 Purple Passion

Source: Mydomaine

This plant shows off an interesting blend of velvety green leaves with thick deep purple hair. It looks great when grown in pots or hanging baskets.

#2 Jungle Velvet Calathea

Source: Indoorgardenook

Jungle Velvet Calathea bears beautiful bold velvety leaves making it look striking along with burgundy undersides and dark-green hue.

#3 Alocasia Black Velvet

Source: Figandbloom

Alocasia Black Velvet puts off oval, heart-shaped velvety leaves adorned with a black colored top, purple bottom, also light shade veins giving it a perfect look.

#4 African Violet

Source: Hgvt

African Violet not only produces stunning flowers but also offers its dark-green velvety leaves.

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#5 Philodendron Gigas

Source: Ballaustralia

Philodendron Gigas offers dark and velvety leaves while the new growth appears in copper color with white veins.

#6 Zebra Calathea

Source: Amazon

This Zebra Calathea plant showcases purple-white blooms in spring. Also, it displays beautiful foliage with dark-to-mid-green patterns on the velvety surface that look like a Zebra’s skin, hence the name.

#7 Ecuador Verrucosum

Source: Greg

Ecuador Verrucosum is one of the best beautiful houseplants with deep emerald-green velvety foliage and golden ribbing. The plant is also well-known for purifying the air indoors.

#8 Chocolate Soldier

Source: Pinterest

Chocolate Soldier is famous for soft narrow velvety leaves with thick dark chocolate brown edges.

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