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9 Useful Bra Hacks That Every Girl Should Know

by Fannie

Has someone ever told you “Sunday is longer than Monday”? Did you have to fight the urge to leave your bra at home every morning? Or, have you found it tiresome to adjust your bra straps all the time? We know those situations are all so awkward, and they totally can ruin your wonderful days. However, you don’t need to worry about them anymore. Here are 9 life–changing bra tricks; read them, and you can say goodbye to the uncomfortable bra problems forever.

1. Use Nipple Covers

Nipple covers are for you if your bust is not big and you want to go bra-free but are worried about your nipples showing through your clothes. Besides, if DIY is your thing, or you suddenly run out of nipple covers, just use band-aids instead.

2. Panty Liners For Bra Repair

Did the underwire of your bra suddenly decide to pop out? There is a simple way to fix this. Wrap a portion of a panty liner around the underwire, and done!

3. Insert Some Silicon Pads Below The Straps

Invest in some silicon pads to put under the straps if your skin is overly sensitive and you have to tolerate bra marks all across your shoulders even when you wear the correct size of bra.

4. Fasten Bra Straps With An All-Pin

Gather the back of your bra straps together, then secure them both with an all-pin. Now, they can’t come off of your sleeveless top anymore. You’ve just transformed your everyday bra into a racerback style, too!

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5. The Free Bra

The free bra adheres to your boobs and provides lift and push; however, it doesn’t squash the lumps or make you unpleasant. If you want to show off your cleavage or wear an off-shoulder, a free bra is an ideal option.

6. Use A Strapless Bra When Wearing Bandeau

Put on a strapless bra under a bandeau top to make your breasts appear firm and perky. It provides additional support and clearly defines your boobs, making them look bigger and rounder.

7. Bra Extenders

If the cup size is ideal for your breasts while the band is too tight, no problem! Attack the suitable bra extender to the hook to achieve the length you need.

8. Choose Strapless Bras With Broader Band

Bras without straps are gorgeous to look at them. However, they may be not as pleasant as they look. Just make sure to get a strapless bra with a wider band in the back, and everything will be fine.

9. Try Double-Sided Fabric Tape To Go Bra-less Confidently

If you’re worried about a nip slip when going bra-less, stick your clothes with double-sided fabric tapes. Or, any type of double-sided tape that you have is OK. In the worst scenario, you can also apply eyelash glue.

Now, you understand that there absolutely is something you can do to solve the never-ending bra problems, and life suddenly seems easier. Right? Do you have any other tips to share? Please feel free to express your opinions in the comment section below.


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