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20 Attractive Braided Hairstyles That Catch The Eye Of Celebrities

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Elaborately-braided hairstyles can sometimes take hours to achieve, so of course, you want them to look extra fresh once you finally get out of the salon chair. We’re talking about hair that causes you to look twice before tapping twice.

Braiding, particularly in cultures with a strong African influence, is a tradition that goes back for generations. And traditional fashions are frequently revived and infused with fresh ones. The fact that Black individuals with naturally Afro-textured hair are embracing and reimagining a vital aspect of our culture is due to the fact that braids are incredibly versatile and have a variety of techniques and traditions to look back on.

The alternatives are unlimited, which might be a little overwhelming if you’re trying to choose a look, whether it be pearls, patterns that swoop and swirl around the crown, technicolor ombré hues, or braid styles embellished with thread, cuffs, and butterflies. But don’t worry! We’re here to guide you through it all with some significant inspiration found on Instagram and among celebs.

20 Attractive Braided Hairstyles That Catch The Eye Of Celebrities

Puff Piece

Puff PieceEbonee Davis is a dependable supply of natural hairstyle ideas, and hey look! She’s back with another look we want to replicate. The model/activist arrived at the event sporting a stunning set of Afro puffs with a base of small cornrows twisted in three different directions.

Braids on Braids

Braids on Braids Most people who have box braids weave those smaller braids into a series of larger ones, actress Yvonne Orji is no exception. She wore blonde box braids that were done into a crown braid that could be pulled back into a braided ponytail as she attended the 2019 Essence Black Women in Hollywood Awards.

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Neat and Tidy

Neat and Tidy Cornrows form the front of Keke Palmer’s braids, which then cascade down her back to flow freely. She only needed a little edge maintenance at the hairline to be ready to walk the red carpet.

Waves on Swim

Waves on Swim You can be sure that Beyoncé will serve a fierce protective style. Her hair was braided in a wavy design resembling finger waves for the Lion King premiere. It was a lovely union of two haircuts that were significant to Black culture.

Yes, the Bayang

Yes, the Bayang SZA wore a set of beautiful beaded braids with a stunning fringe and wooden embellishments for the episode.


Whip-Smart Extremely long braid was inspired by the BDSM song “Notes on Camp.” The design is the work of Lacy Redway, who added a little tassel to the end of the 12-foot latex braid to make it look like a whip.

Fiyah Bun

Fiyah Bun To achieve incredibly lovely hair, you don’t need to put in a lot of work. Issa Rae proves that a straightforward braided bun is a stylish choice in this picture. Her hair is kept sleek at the base, and the braided portion is only a few tones lighter than her base, giving off a cool ombré vibe.

Child’s Play

Child's Play The ends of the box braids Saweetie is sporting are embellished with clear beads. The style she is sporting is much more sophisticated than the one in the 1990s.

Bantu, Three, Four, Five

Bantu, Three, Four, Five At least five Bantu knots were created in Brandy Norwood’s long, blonde box braids before she took the stage at the Billboard Music Awards. It serves as a helpful reminder of the adaptability of protective styles and gives you even other fantastic choices if you already have box braids in place.

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Fully Fulani

Fully Fulani Taraji P. Henson decided to promote Empire in South Africa with a stunning pair of Fulani braids. It all comes together for an epic look, that much is certain.

Hoop Dreams

Hoop DreamsGet ready to become fixated on Janelle Monáe’s ombré hairstyle and thick braid, which she donned for a Today set at Rockefeller Plaza. The design was completed by hairstylist Nikki Nelms with a golden ring that neatly seals the tapered end.

Down-to-There Platinum Hair

Down-to-There Platinum Hair At the Essence Festival, many attendees sported this haircut, but Mary J. Blige transported it from the streets of New Orleans to the stage for her performance. Blige opted for lengthy box braids that extend all the way to her thigh, naturally in her trademark blonde color.

Flower Power

Flower Power Zöe Kravitz’s trademark micro braids were accented with pretty fake flowers and butterflies. The outcome? A mysterious, otherworldly look.

Unicorn Rave

Unicorn Rave Brazilian blogger Magá Moura, known for her vibrant aesthetic, has unicorn braids with pastel bead ends and facial stickers that give her a ’90s vibe. She pulled them back into high pigtails in this particular style, leaving some braids out in front to frame her face.

Mix & Match Plaits

Mix & Match Plaits When is Solange Knowles not giving us serious hair inspiration? These braids are embellished with beads and white thread, and we adore the eclectic feel they have.

In the Loop

In the Loop Braids are fantastic, of course, but occasionally you want to wear them with your loose natural hair. Tamara, the proprietor of the Brooklyn hair salon Ancestral Strands, applied this style to one of her models. What’s best? The central braided loop in this design adds a special flair.

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Orange Soda

Orange Soda Nothing compares to this lovely orange bob for pumpkins. We adore Lindiwe Dim’s short, colorful box braids that are held in place with elastics in pink, peach, and yellow.


Well-Fed Jourdan Dunn wore a set of feed-in braids by Lacy Redway and, of course, nailed the style.

Totally Twisted

Totally Twisted When it comes to beauty and elegance, Lupita Nyong’o is truly the best. She wore this protective style – a lob constructed of tiny Senegalese twists, courtesy of Lacy Redway – during the summer. Even though they aren’t braids, this look has a comparable impact.

Shaved Sides

Shaved Sides Dreams are formed of hairstyles like this blonde one, which is supported by a set of cornrows created at The Braid Lounge in Virginia Beach. This hairstyle has an edgy vibe thanks to the client’s shaved sides.

Which celebrity inspired your next hairstyle? Let us know in the comments below!


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