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12 Soothing Pisces Tattoos That Personify Your Mystical Nature

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Why not take advantage of the Pisces season by obtaining tattoos that are based on the sign? But first, let’s talk about what a Piscean is like. Astrologers often describe Pisces people as emotional and moody, but while some people may see them as negative characteristics, Pisces people are actually perceptive and compassionate. Pisceans are always in touch with their senses because they are also very amorous, spiritual, and imaginative. The Pisces will shower you with affection, understanding, and consolation if you need a friend to advise you.

Relate with any of those traits? Here are some classy and original tattoo designs that will make you resonate even more like your zodiac sign!

12 Soothing Pisces Tattoos

Water Lily

Water LilyThe primary birth flower for Pisceans is the water lily. A Pisces person can recognize and add beauty to every situation, just as a flower can flourish in murky water. Water lilies are a fantastic match for the delicate water sign because they also stand for faith, unwavering love, and selflessness.

Koi Fish

Koi FishThe most well-known representation of Pisces is the fish. But instead of going with a straightforward fish design, why not use a koi? In addition to being seen as opulent fish, they also symbolize endurance, a quality shared by Pisceans. Whatever the situation, they are always driven to conquer challenges and improve themselves.

Two Fishes

Two FishesTwo fish swimming opposite each other is another fish tattoo that clearly shows you are a Pisces. Pisceans are very perceptive and dreamy, and this design embodies their capacity to view the world from various angles.

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ScalesWhy not get scales inked on your body instead of a conventional fish tattoo for something more unusual? It will gradually jog your memory of your inner self, and it will motivate you to fully live what it is to be a Pisces. It’s a subtle but intriguing method of displaying your spirit animal!


OceanPisces is a water sign, thus a detailed watercolor illustration of the element would be a wonderful choice for this sign. After all, people born under a water sign tend to express their emotions freely, much like the ocean’s waves do. They are also very sentimental and tend to hang on to people and things that have special meaning for them.


AmethystThe seductive purple amethyst is the birthstone for a Pisces born in February. Particularly an amethyst stone might represent the deeper nurturing of your spiritual bond. Additionally, just like holding the stone, getting it tattooed on your body may help you summon the calming energy and healing force you need on days when you’re experiencing sadness or anxiety.

Evening Primrose

Evening PrimroseThe evening primrose is the secondary bloom for February Pisces newborns. It is a delicate yellow bloom with a cheerful, playful vibe, just like a sunflower! In terms of what it stands for, Pisceans are known to be incredibly innovative, thus the primrose flower will encourage you to let loose your fire spirit and creativity. Let this blossom serve as a reminder to express your artistic side.


DaffodilDaffodils are the perfect floral tattoo for March Pisces sign members. This tattoo is ideal for encouraging good luck along your journey because the lovely blossoms it depicts stand for new beginnings, fortune, and success. Daffodils bloom on a lovely spring day, too, and this is indicative of Pisces’ kind and sensitive nature.

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Pisces Symbol

Pisces SymbolIf you’re considering tattooing a traditional Pisces symbol, think about incorporating a few extras to make it stand out. Similar to the tattoo shown below, you can add your Pisces birth flower and a fish to the design to make it more unique without sacrificing the minimalist aesthetic.


NeptuneICYDK, the ruling planet of Pisces is Neptune. It is home to the idea of values, spirituality, intuition, and compassion—the top characteristics associated with Pisces. This planet is also known as the “psychic” planet. A slow-moving planet, it has a strong affinity for water thanks to Roman mythology.

Hand Constellation

Hand ConstellationTwo fish are shown facing away from one another in the Pisces constellation, and we think it looks so gorgeous when it is placed on the back of your hand and runs through your thumb, as shown in the image below. It might provide the impression that you’re wearing statement jewelry with the proper design. This hand is so gorgeous on its own that you might decide not to wear any jewelry on it.

Quirky Constellation

Quirky ConstellationIncluding other components of your zodiac sign in the design of your Pisces constellation tattoo is an additional option. To make your ink appear especially adorable and intriguing, you can add the date of your birth, the Pisces symbol, fish, Neptune, and other motifs you prefer.

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