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The 5 Best DIY Dry Shampoos

by Shelly

You don’t have time to wash your hair as planned because you’re running late for the next thing on your schedule. You search every drawer for any dry shampoo after seeing your oily roots, but you come up empty-handed. Here are five common household substances that you can use instead.

1. Baby Powder

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Thanks to its well-known ability to absorb moisture, baby powder is a preferred option for homemade dry shampoo. To remove extra oils, shake a bit into your fingertips and rub them along your roots. Start off with a small amount and add more as necessary to prevent momentarily turning your hair white.

2. Cornstarch

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Another pantry essential that will come in handy is cornstarch; you can pour some into a salt shaker for easy application. If you have grey, blonde, or other light-colored hair, you can apply cornstarch directly to your hair. For darker hair, stir some cocoa powder or cinnamon in the cornstarch before applying.

3. Makeup Setting Powder

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The setting powder that keeps your face from looking oily can fix your oily roots, too. The best way to use makeup setting powder on your hair is by using a makeup brush. It brings the soft, silky feel that replaced the typical hay-like, chalky texture.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

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Although substituting liquid for dry shampoo may seem odd, we swear that it works. Mix one drop of apple cider vinegar per ounce of water in a spray bottle to make dry shampoo. Then, spray liberally at your roots. The key to using this procedure successfully is to plan ahead because you must wait for the mixture of water and apple cider vinegar to dry before you can see the results. Once your hair dries, it should look and feel less greasy. Vinegar doesn’t leave behind a physical powder or residue and has beneficial toning effects on the scalp.

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5. Hand Sanitizer

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We’re back at it again with liquids. The alcohol in hand sanitizer can dry out your hands, and it will do the same to your hair. The harshness of it prevents it from becoming your go-to dry shampoo, and those with sensitive scalps may want to stay away from it entirely. However, you can rub a bit onto your roots if it’s the only thing you have and you’re in a dire situation with greasy hair.


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