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11 Common Herbs That You Can Grow Easily From Layering

by Marry Dell

Do you want to have more herbs and harvest them quickly for a short time without waiting? That is the layering method – a simple method to grow more plants from a stem, while it is still attached to the mother plant; the stem is extended and is held under the ground till it forms roots. So, growing plants from layering are one of the easiest alternatives to propagate and multiply your favorite herbs. The method is not only easier but still will give multiply your harvest. In the list today we will share 11 Common Herbs That You Can Grow Easily From Layering. Keep your reading to know about them.
11 Common Herbs That You Can Grow Easily From Layering
All of these herbs are popular in daily cooking, they not only give your dishes more flavor but also more beauty. So, if lack of appearance will also make your dishes no longer appealing. Applying the way will help you always have an endless supply in your kitchen all year round. Besides, propagation by division is the simplest method of vegetative propagation that any gardener can make, even the beginner.

#1. Rosemary

Image source: The Ofy

Rosemary can be grown easily from layering. So, if you have a large, established rosemary plant, you can start layering in spring with a long healthy stem. Give them the soil moist till roots develop.

#2. Marjoram

Image source: The Spruce

Marjoram can be propagated from layering to save its germinated process. You can take cuttings in the fall and grow them through winter.

#3. Catnip

Image source: Unknow

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You can grow new catnip plants by layering young and flexible stems. And grow them in porous potting soil then keep the plant in a warm and bright location.

#4. Thyme

Image source: Apartmenttherapy

Thyme can be propagated through layering. You just take long stems, remove the lower leaves, and bury them under the soil, leaving some foliage peeking at another side. They will produce new roots after a few days.

#5. Mint

Image source: Mydomaine

You can propagate mint through division, cuttings, and layering.

#6. Oregano

Image source: The Spruce

Oregano also can be easily propagated by the layering method. You just give it a lot of bright light and warm temperature, it will flourish.

#7. Lavender

Image source: Graciejaynes

You can multiply and propagate lavender plants by air layering. You just take a healthy stem from an established plant and bury it under soil, it will produce new roots after a few days.

#8. Sage

Image source: Miraclegro

You can grow new sage easily by selecting long flexible stems, remove lower leaves, make a small cut with a fingernail on the part then bury in the soil.

#9. Bay Laurel

Image source: Gardenerspath

Bay Laurel also can be grown by the layering method. You just choose a healthy and long stem then bury it under moist soil, it will produce new roots after a few days.

#10. Stevia

Image source: Nurserylive

You can grow stevia indoors by some methods such as seeds, stem cutting, or air-layering.

#11. Lemon Verbena

Image source: Commons.wikimedia

Lemon verbena is an easy-to-grow herb and can be propagated from seed, cuttings, and air layering.

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