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20 Creative DIY Cinder Block Garden Projects

by Marry Dell

Cinder blocks are not an expensive material and can use in the garden for creating different DIY projects that are fun and functional according to many ways. In the post today, we picked 20 Creative DIY Cinder Block Garden Projects to inspire you for the next project that you will fall in love with. With most of these cinder block-using ideas, you won’t need much in the way of fancy tools and expensive devices, all you need is some determination. Check them out with us.
20 Creative DIY Cinder Block Garden Projects
Scrolling through, these ideas are so versatile you’ll find projects for the front of the home or outdoor space! Think about a bench or a planter shelf; the possibilities and ways to use cinder blocks are endless! Make a fire pit, create a garden stair, or outdoor bar; and more, all incorporate cinder blocks into their design! They are nice, sturdy, and add a cool industrial feel to your space or a unique look depending on how you use them.

#1. Cinder Block Relaxing Seating

Image source: Apartmenttherapy

#2. Cinder Block Plant Shelf

Image source: Homescopes

#3. DIY Cinder Bench Block

Image source: Pinterest

#4. Cinder Block Flower Planter

Image source: Pinimg

#5. Colorful Cinder Block Shelf

Image source: Jennifer Ledbetter

#6. Cinder Block Herb Garden

Image source: Shelli Martin

#7. Cinder blocks planter

Image source: Homedit

#8. Succulent Cinder Block Garden

Image source: Homebnc

#9. Cinder Block Garden In Front Yard

Image source: Matchness

#10. Black Cinder Block Planter Combine Wall

Image source: Hobbylesson

#11. Cinder Block Garden Stairs

Image source: Shareably

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#12. Cinder Block Outdoor Bar

Image source: Bhg

#13. Cinder Block Garden Edging

Image source: Engineeringdiscoveries

#14. Cinder Block Fire Pit

Image source: Familyhandyman

#15. DIY Strawberry Planters

Image source: Clearwatercottage.blogspot

#16. Indoor Plant Pots In Front Door

Image source: Decorating-hq

#17. Raised Garden Bed

Image source: Motherearthnews

#18. Plant Vase For Tabletop

Image source: Spoiler

#19. A Bright Cinder Block Table

Image source: Brit

#20. Colorful Cinder Block Shelves

Image source: Jugglingactmama

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