21 Amazing Teacup Craft Ideas

by Marry Dell

    Pretty little cups are not just for sipping some coffee in the morning or sipping some green tea in the afternoon anymore, explore the list of the 21 Amazing Teacup Craft Ideas. Today, we are going to share the world of upcycled old teacups, don’t pour any of the magical brews but you will see these beauties have a fabulous life after tea time is over.
    21 Amazing Teacup Craft Ideas
    Just using a small teacup, you can bring a beautiful green garden into it. Or if you are bored with a normal wall clock because it is too monotonous. It’s time to bring something unique to create an interesting and fun decor item to your living space. You just need to have meticulousness and persistence to complete. They are easy projects that will bring you years of enjoyment with little maintenance.

    #1 An Indoor Cactus Planter

    Source: Pinterest

    #2 Teacup for Bird Feeder

    Source: Melinda White

    #3 Wall Clock Made from Teacups

    Source: Brenda Garrett

    #4 Wall Decoration

    Source: Kristi Williams

    #5 DIY Floating Tea Cups

    Source: Juli Johnson

    #6 Hanging Planters

    Source: Bijtanteroos

    #7 Teacup Pincushion

    Source: Buzzfeed

    #8 Teapot and Tecup Windchime

    Source: Theteaenthusiastsscrapbook

    #9 DIY Tea Cup Candles

    Source: Thecraftpatchblog

    #10 Vinatge Teacup Succulent Planter

    Source: Deavita

    #11 DIY Teacup Lamp

    Source: Dishfunctionaldesigns

    #12 DIY Cake Stand

    Source: Femke Hiemstra

    #13 Make a Fairy Garden

    Source: Boredpanda

    #14 Teacups Swirl Around Chandeliers

    Source: Flickr

    #15 Teacup Lamp

    Source: Ebaumsworld

    #16 Front Door Wreath

    Source: Countyroad407

    #17 Halloween Craft

    Source: Quirkyinspired

    #18 Home Decor Art

    Source: Denyse Salzgeber Coutinho

    #19 Tiny Flower Garden

    Source: Popshopamerica

    #20 Christmas Decoration Idea

    Source: Christina B

    #21 Create A Mini Pond

    Source: Popshopamerica

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