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5 Stunning Indoor Plants with Silver Foliage

by Marry Dell

Many gardeners love flowering plants, but there are also some plants that attract all eyes just by the beauty of their leaves, and these Silver Leaf Houseplants are among those. If you want to expand your plant collection, they will become a perfect addition. They promise to offer a magnificent hue and look great with every decor and elevating the look of your interiors. They not only will liven up the dark corners of the home but they also adore other plants and flowers around them.
5 Stunning Indoor Plants with Silver Foliage
Thanks to the silvery foliage, they offer a precious and bright appearance that adds contrast and interest. It not only brightens up the dull, dark corner but also accentuates the plants and flowers of other colors around it. That is the reason why so many silver-leaved plants are highly prized, even when they produce no remarkable flowers. So, check them out to find some that will work effectively in your home.

#1 String Of Hearts

Source: Housebeautiful

String Of Hearts displays heart-shaped silver leaves with vining stems making it looks great when grown in hanging baskets.

#2 Scindapsus Pictus Silvery Ann

Source: Plantcircle

Scindapsus Pictus Silvery Ann owns beautiful silver leaves with a heart shape. It grows fast indoors and can be propagated easily. Also, it is a low-maintenance and drought-tolerant plant.

#3 Begonia Rex

Source: Gardentags

Begonia Rex is popular among silver plant lovers. This plant can survive in direct sunlight as long as getting moist soil. It grows happily at a temperature of 15-25 degrees Celsius.

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#4 Peperomia Silver Ripple

Source: Etsy

Peperomia Silver Ripple bears silver thick leaves with a unique shape. You can grow it to add elegant beauty to your home.

#5 Alocasia Silver Dragon

Source: Thejunglecollective

Alocasia Silver Dragon is a beautiful houseplant that features bold green and silver leaves. To grow this plant, give it lots of sun, water, fertilizer, and well-drained soil to avoid roots.

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