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23 Best Old Door Garden Ideas To Boost Your Creativity

by Marry Dell

Your doors are too leaky and creaky to use, they become old for some reason! But don’t toss them out if you are planning to replace them with new ones. There are countless creative uses for your old doors as structures and art. So, if you have old doors, you can complete a wide variety of projects that will enhance your backyard and garden. Here are some ideas to get you started!
23 Best Old Door Garden Ideas To Boost Your Creativity
One of the simplest ways to use an old door is to lean it against your fence or wall. Then, you can hang planters from the door for an extra touch of blooming freshness in the garden. Or you can repurpose old doors with creativity including making them into privacy screens themselves. Old doors can also be used to build into the garden fence. Whatever you choose, you’ll bring a sense of rustic charm to your outdoor spaces.

#1 Old Door Backdrop

Source: Fleamarketgardening

#2 Spring Comes!

Source: Pinterest

#3 A Garden Decoration

Source: Debbie Gillespie

#4 A Garden Bench

Source: Hometalk

#5 Hanging Door Planter

Source: Hometalk

#6 A Backyard Privacy Without A Fence

Source: Hometalk

#7 A Small Backyard House

Source: Pinterest

#8 A Potting Bench

Source: Pinterest

#9 A Vintage Garden Addition

Source: Debbie Douglas

#10 Create Your Signature Style

Source: Bethbryan

#11 A Small Garden Shed

Source: Onegoodthingbyjillee

#12 Garden Arbor

Source: Katatonicblues

#13 Colorful Garden Fence

Source: Pamela Kissell

#14 A DIY Gate

Source: Jamie Forsyth

#15 A Rustic Elegant Wedding

Source: Thejennywren

#16 A Simple Garden Gate

Source: Flickr

#17 An Outdoor Reading Nook

Source: Pinterest

#18 Garden Wall Decor

Source: Crissy Bloom

#19 A Vertical Herb Garden

Source: Infarrantlycreative

#20 A Hanging Shelf

Source: Pinterest

#21 A Cozy Hideaway

Source: Lisa Zaccour

#22 A Fence Decoration with Old Door

Source: Monica Ventrice

#23 Old Door in Flower Garden

Source: Katie Linde

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