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25+ Ocean Nail Designs For Your Next Tropical Getaway

by Navy

Another brilliant summer is leaving, surely now all of you are also planning the final trips to places where the blue sea, white sand, and sunshine are waiting. In addition to clothes and dresses, shopping for yourself for a set of nails that are both beautiful, “tonal” with the outfit, and especially suitable for the sea atmosphere is also something girls are interested in.

Ocean wave nail designs

Ocean waves are a fairly simple and familiar pattern to women, but they never cease to be hot when summer comes. This nail model just looked at it, it has a bold summer atmosphere with colors such as sky blue, turquoise, and white … bringing vividness and sophistication to the wearer. In addition, this nail design is quite easy to draw, so you do not need to spend hours getting a satisfactory nail set.


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Source: Zulfia.nai.art

Ocean beach nail designs

Beach nail designs will not look as complicated as waves or sea creatures, but this nail design will also give you elegance and simplicity but not monotony thanks to the combination between diverse colors. You can choose a few outstanding details on the beach such as coconut tree motifs, and sandy beach … to decorate their nails more vividly.


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Source: Lieve91

Ocean fruit nail designs

Just like the above, the fruit-patterned nail design looks extremely simple and not new but brings an impressive and vibrant summer vibe. For this nail model, women often choose tropical fruits such as oranges, pineapples, cherries, and watermelons… which are very eye-catching to go to the beach.

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Source: Huga Studio

Ocean neon nail designs

If you find it too difficult to choose a texture for your nails, you can absolutely choose to paint your nails with striking colors like neon. This way is both simple and still makes sure to stand out so that you can freely attract the attention of those around you.


Source: gand2iuchaa


Source: Margarin Nails


Source: NailsbyPaulin


Source: TLNailz


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