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Brighten Up Your Garden With 30 Best Recycled Craft Ideas

by Joyce

Have you ever tried making crafts at the age of 30? That’s when you already own a house and have the responsibility to take care of it, and making crafts for your garden is a great way to show how much you care about your living space. By exploiting available recycled items, you can turn them into decorations to make your garden a lovely and eco-friendly place.

We’ve gathered 30 best ideas for you that combine artificial and natural elements. The way they look after being recycled as well as the amount of money you have saved will amaze you. All of them are affordable substitutes for the expensive furnishings and accessories found in stores.

Are you ready to join this project? Let’s upcycle what you find suitable for your house!

#1. A Wooden Plant Marker

Source: tracyb1961

#2. Rock Plant Markers

Source: mybackyardharvest

#3. Spoon Plant Markers

Source: thevettelfarm

#4. An Orange Bird Feeder

Source: littleblairs

#5. A Bottle Bird Feeder

Source: welcometonanas

#6. A Colorful Plant Waterer

Source: nookfinds

#7. A Beautiful Glass Sphere Plant Waterer

Source: plantsbymawenka

#8. A Flower Planter Chandelier

Source: Lz Cathcart

#9. Bulb String Lights

Source: jnledlighting

#10. Soda Can Planter

Source: rootinforya_chatt

#11. A Colander Planter

Source: Rustoleum

#12. DIY Hanging Baskets

Source: HGTV

#13. Monkey Crochet Sloth Hanging Planter

Source: Etsy

#14. DIY Candelabra Flower Planter with Upcycled Ceiling Fan Shades

Source: Red Head Can Decorate

#15. A Moon Shape Hanging Flower Basket

Source: Pinterest

#16. Tea Cup Hanging Decor

Source: Pinterest

#17. A Hanging Flower Basket

Source: cornellfarm

#18. Coco Coir Liner Hanging Planter

Source: Gardening Know How

#19. Wooden Pallet Planters

Source: Pinterest

#20. A Succulent Wreath

Source: Etsy

#21. DIY Skeleton Keys WInd-Chimes

Source: Etsy

#22. A CD Wind Spinner

Source: Simply Darling

#23. Colorful Painted CD Wind Spinners

Source: Gemeinde Weißbach

#24. Crystal Mushrooms Glass DIY Toadstools

Source: Pinterest

#25. A Stock Tank Pond

Source: Pinterest

#26. DIY White Light Fabric Lantern

Source: Vickie Hallmark

#27. DIY Garden Stakes

Source: House & Garden

#28. DIY Pot Planter and Birdbath

Source: Mod Podge Rocks

#29. DIY Flower Pot Fairy Garden Craft

Source: Enny Castillo

#30. Homemade Wine Barrel Tiered Planter

Source: Dunia Guzmán


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