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Fun Eggshell Craft Ideas to Decor Your Home

by Marry Dell

Normally, after being used eggshells are usually thrown away. But, there are so many gardening benefits as they contain many essential minerals for plant growth. Eggshells go beyond their uses, they can be turned into cute and lovely crafts for decorative purposes or pretty gifts. If you want to make something creative and unique to add interest to your living space, here are Fun Eggshell Craft Ideas that you can try at the home.
Fun Eggshell Craft Ideas to Decor Your Home
You can make them with your kids because these plans are easy to make without requiring a lot of effort. In addition, you can use them as a gift to give to someone or place them on tabletops or windowsills to decorate your home more beautifully. Just taking them a try, you will fall in love with them instantly. Save them and make them right now!


Source: Deavita


Source: Hgtv


Source: Look-what-i-made

#4 Eggshell Violet Planter for Spring

Source: Everydayhomeblog


Source: Freshideen


Source: Aquieterstorm.tumblr


Source: Craftgawker


Source: Deavita


Source: Etsy

#10 Photo Frame Eggshell Mosai

Source: Mfrbee

#11 Eggshell Vases

Source: Funnyhowflowersdothat


Source: Favecrafts

#13 DIY Eggshell Tea Lights

Source: Handsoccupied


Source: Marthastewart


Source: Weheartit


Source: Bhg

#17 Eggshell Ghost Mobile

Source: Craftingagreenworld

#18 DIY Easter Table Centerpiece

Source: Deavita

#19 Spring Flower Arrangements

Source: Marthastewart


Source: Gardenista

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