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Top 20 Chrome Nail Designs That Are All Over Instagram Feed

by Navy

With the simplicity but no less luxurious, chrome nails are extremely popular with trendy girls. Chrome nail polish has many colors for you to choose from. Let us inspire you with the top 25+ chrome nail styles that are spreading all over your Instagram and Pinterest feed!

Pearl chrome nail designs

Pearls are a symbol of nobility. Therefore, beautiful chrome nail designs cannot lack the combination of sparkling pearls. Chrome nails will increase elegance and courtesy if they are attached with a few white pearls, or simply you can have pearl-colored chrome to help enhance your sweetness.

#1 Silver Styles

Source: apolishaddict

#2 White Styles

Source: unknown

#3 Glowing Shades

Source: Paula.K27

#4 Glowing White

Source: Chaunlegend

#5 Silver Points

Source: unknown

Ombre chrome nail designs

The beautiful mirror nail designs can not help but mention the ombre-style chrome nail. The harmonious gradation of the ombre has always been the trend in recent years. There will be nothing to “criticize” when you wear this nail model to luxury parties. Besides, you can coordinate with ombre hair color to stand out more.

#6 Bold and Bright

Source: unknown

#7 Different Colors

Source: unknown

#8 Pretty Shades

Source: unknown

#9 Sparkle and Shine

Source: unknown

#10 Bold and Beautiful

Source: Natalya Gorskaya

Pink chrome nail designs

The pink light is still the choice of many girls when they want to “buy” new nail designs for themselves. Not only helps you unique from the crowd, but this nail design also shows your style and sweetness. Combined with the sparkling effect of the chrome style, it also enhances the elegance of this nail model.

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#11 Pink Looks

Source: unknown

#12 Glittering Styles

Source: Nailsbymztina

#13 Iridescent Shades

Source: unknown

#14 Bright Colors


Source: Chaunlegend

#15 Stunning Styles

Source: nail_sunny

Black chrome nail designs

Decorate beautiful mirror nail designs in black, why not? Black always represents mystery and charm. You can add a little glitter or rhinestones to make this nail model more prominent. This is a nail design that you can wear in many situations.

#16 Black Styles

Source: unknown

#17 Galaxy Shades

Source: unknown

#18 Chrome Stripes

Source: unknown

#19 Dark Designs

Source: unknown

#20 Black and Gold

Source: unknown

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