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15+ Brilliant Infinity Tattoo Ideas For Men and Women In 2022

by Shelly

Infinity is one of the fundamental mathematical symbols. It resembles a lying 8, where one cannot figure out the beginning’s end. As in the immensity of the universe and the innumerable stars in the galaxies, infinity denotes endlessness. Thus, a symbol of it inked on your skin sends a strong message. It is always ideal for you to ink the horizontal number eight symbol, for its aesthetic, or for a special connection.

In this post, we will show you some of the best infinity tattoo designs to get you motivated, as well as go into some detail on the symbolic meaning behind the well-known token.

15 Brilliant Infinity Tattoo Ideas

#1 Small Minimalist Infinity Tattoo

Infinity symbols go incredibly well with the current trend of minimalist tattoos, which are extremely popular. Due to the simplicity of the design, it would go nicely with almost any other type of body art. Additionally, if you need to keep your tattoos under wraps at work, it can be incredibly covert.

# 2 Infinity Symbol With Hearts

The addition of a heart to the infinity sign is a wonderful approach to conveying everlasting love. Why not use your body art to represent your belief that your relationship will continue forever? It doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic love; it might be the love you have for a child or another member of your family.

#3 Infinity Symbol With Birds

Birds, like feathers, are great for tattoos. This is due to the fact that they are magnificent creatures with the romantic association of freedom because they have the ability to go off at any time. But the bird you select will slightly change the meaning. For instance, peacocks stand for valor and pride, while phoenixes signify regeneration and resurrection.

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#4 Infinity Symbol With Feathers

As a symbol of flight, freedom, and the elegance of birds, feathers are a very common tattoo motif. Feathers have a very intriguing and appealing appearance due to their fine texture. You may give your tattoo a completely new meaning by combining it with an infinite sign to make something distinctive and striking.

#5 Infinity Symbol Tattoo With Birds And Feathers

Birds and feathers are a natural match. When combined with the infinity symbol they represent the cycle of life as well as the parts of ourselves we leave behind. Even after a bird’s death, its feathers remain. The tattoos of birds and feathers also get a lot of attention because of their potent message.

#6 Infinity Symbol With Words

While some people choose visuals for their tattoos, others believe words have more significance. Why not choose an infinity symbol along with a word or line of text that speaks to you instead of choosing just one of the two?

#7 Floral Infinity Tattoo

Designs using flowers are frequently delicate and feminine. Why not use a floral pattern for your infinity tattoo if you want to add an ornamental touch? You can add roses for a very romantic and slightly dramatic appearance or daisies for a more relaxed and adorable appearance. You can also choose whether or not you want to keep it straightforward in black and white or stand out with a burst of color.

#8 Double Infinity Tattoo

A double infinity tattoo has even more power than an infinity tattoo, which stands for eternity. It may also represent the intertwined infinite lines of separate lives. For example, it might symbolize how you and the person you love will be together forever.

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#9 Animal Infinity Tattoos

The choice to incorporate animals within the infinity tattoo is excellent. Snakes work particularly well as they can be convincingly coiled around into an infinity shape. But if you also want to express your unwavering devotion to a pet, you may have a sketch of your cat and dog included in the design. Some people choose butterflies or dolphins instead. In the end, it comes down to whatever animal you choose!

#10 Snake Infinity Tattoos

Snakes readily form a looped shape when combined with the infinity symbol. Many choose to place the snake’s tail in its mouth in order to display a seamless loop. Some want to keep it basic with a line drawing, others like to go into a lot of detail with each scale clearly delineated with shading. You have a choice!

#11 Infinity Cross Tattoo

Crosses are excellent tattoo designs, both aesthetically and in terms of their deeper meaning. If you practice religion, you could choose to include the cross in your tattoo design to express your unwavering devotion to God. To further emphasize the Christian significance of your body art, you may choose to choose a verse from the Bible to include.

#12 Infinity Arrow Tattoo

In a variety of traditional tattoo designs, arrows are a common motif. If you like the style, you’re in luck since adding an arrow to your infinity symbol tattoo is incredibly simple.

#13 Infinity Tattoo With Names

Once more, the infinity tattoo is the ideal way to express your affection for a person or even a number of people. If you add their name to the infinity symbol’s line, they will be eternally associated with you symbolically. A romantic partner, parent, sibling, or even a pet may be here!

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#14 Compass Infinity Tattoo

Another traditional tattoo design is a compass, and it complements the infinity symbol incredibly well. The infinity symbol serves as a reminder of the idea of limitlessness, whilst a compass represents the direction one is moving in life. So even though life may take us in different directions, we may still succeed.

#15 Infinity Geometric Tattoo

Geometric tattoos always have a striking appearance and are never out of vogue. The geometric style is the way to go if you want a design that is really contemporary, somewhat minimalistic, and still has a sense of complexity.

You can truly make the infinite appear unique by combining it with additional elements like feathers, hearts, words, and names. In the end, it’s more than just a figure-eight pattern; it’s a meaningful sign that you want to display to the world in your own special way.

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