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16 Houseplants With Large Leaves That Will Bring The Jungle Into Your Home

by Jenny

Did you know that some houseplants can grow leaves that are bigger than your head? That’s true. There are many houseplants with large, lush and stunning leaves, which can brighten up any space and make an accent in your room.

In this article, I will introduce you to 16 stunning plants with big leaves that can add drama and elegance to your home decor. With fantastic sculptural qualities, these plants will stand out and complement any style of design, whether it’s simple or complicated, rustic or modern.

#1. Swiss Cheese Plant 

The Swiss cheese plant has large, glossy, and perforated leaves that resemble Swiss cheese. Its leaves can grow up to 18 inches across (45 cm), allowing it to bring a bold and eye-catching touch to any indoor space.

#2. Emerald Queen Philodendron 

The leaves of this plant are self-heading, meaning they do not climb or vine-like some other Philodendrons. They can grow up to 10 inches (25 cm) wide and 10 feet (3 meters) long indoors.

#3. Crystal Anthurium

The Crystal Anthurium is a beautiful houseplant with large, heart-shaped leaves that can reach 30 inches long (76 cm). To care for it, you need to provide it with bright but indirect light, moist but well-drained soil, moderate temperature, and high humidity.

#4. Blushing Philodendron

This plant has a tough and leathery appearance. They point upwards, forming an elongated heart shape, and can reach a length of 16 inches (40 cm).

#5. Calathea Orbifolia

The Calathea Orbifolia is also known as the round-leaved prayer plant, because it closes its leaves at night and opens them again in the morning, like praying hands. Its leaves can reach 18 inches long and 10 inches wide.

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#6. Ray Palm

The Ray Palm is a tropical palm that has large, round, and ruffled fan-shaped leaves. More impressively, its leaves can be 22 inches across (55 cm).

#7. Leopard Plant

This plant can soften any space with its round leaves, which are about 12 inches across (30 cm). It can bloom even during the colder months, producing clusters of vibrant yellow flowers.

#8. Dumb Cane

This plant has the potential to reach an impressive length of 12 inches (30 cm) and boasts a delicate, charming appearance. It is attractive and easy to care for but is also toxic to humans and animals.

#9. Caladium Fanny Munson

Caladium Fanny Munson is a stunning plant that can add a splash of color to any shady garden or container. If you are searching for a plant with translucent pink leaves, it will be a perfect choice.

#10. Elephant Ears

Elephant ear’s leaves are incredibly impressive, measuring a staggering 3 feet (90 cm) in length and having a distinctive elongated heart shape. Elephant ears are easy to grow and care for, as long as they have moist, rich soil and partial to full shade.

#11. Rex Begonia

Rex begonia leaves are stunning and colorful foliage with distinctive patterns and colors. To care for them, you should be careful with overwatering, under-watering, direct sunlight, and cold drafts.

#12. Fiddle Leaf Fig 

For a tropical look, you shouldn’t miss fiddle leaf fig. It requires bright, filtered light to grow and look their best.

#13. Bird Of Paradise

With massive foliage and mind-blowing flowers, birds of paradise will be the queen in your house. Its amazing leaves can actually reach a length of 2 feet or more!

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#14. Rubber Plant

Rubber plan is prefered for its enormous, glossy, leathery leaves that can reach lengths of up to 18 inches and 12 inches. It is often grown as a houseplant where it can grow up to 10 feet tall.

#15. Round Leaf Prayer Plant

Round and large leaf prayer plant has broad, oval-shaped foliage, which has the potential to reach an impressive size of 12 inches across. It brings a tropical vibe to both bright and shady places.

#16. Dwarf Banana Plant

Dwarf banana plants have smaller sizes and fruits than the typical banana plants. They have large, paddle-shaped leaves that grow out from their stalky center. Dwarf banana plants can be grown as ornamentals or for their edible fruits.

When incorporating houseplants with large leaves indoors, you will be amazed by how much they can transform your space and your life. In this article, we have introduced you to some of the best houseplants with large leaves, such as fiddle leaf fig, rubber plant, rex begonia, and more. We have also given you some tips on how to maintain them. Now it’s your turn to take action and get yourself some of these amazing plants.

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