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17 Creative Recycled Light Bulb Ideas For Your Next Home Decorating Projects

by Marry Dell

No matter what your home decorating style is, reusing old items or natural materials to makeover your living space is a creative way. There are so many wonderful, adorable ways to decorate the home you can choose from. And the list of 17 creative recycled light bulb ideas is full of stunning beauty and easy to do. They do not require investment other than time for fantasy and experiment right in your living space. Most are unique and impressive to inspire your next home decor projects.
17 Creative Recycled Light Bulb Ideas For Your Next Home Decorating Projects
These creative ideas bring many different decorative styles instead of throwing them out, they can create a friendly-environment decor. With only unused light bulbs, you can create decorations for your living space and make them more attractive. If you want to add some personality to your decor styles or to make focal points in your interior, these simple and cheap ideas will help you to turn your simple house into an amazing place that you will love to cherish throughout the whole year. You will have big fun while doing these recycled crafts, keep reading to explore them!

#1 Simple Decorative Flower Light Bulb

Source: pinterest

#2 Decorative Light

Source: api-shein.shein

#3 Flower Light Bulb Jar

Source: pinterest

#4 Unique Oil Lamp With Old Bulb

Source: gabidoll.wordpress

#5 Art Light Bulb

Source: pinterest

#6 Colorful Light Bulbs

Source: pinterest

#7 Funny Light Bulb

Source: pinterest

#8 Penguins Made Of Light Bulbs

Source: pinterest

#9 Hot Air Balloon Made Of Light Bulb

Source: pinterest

#10 Beautifull Garland And Light Bulb

Source: familyholiday

#11 Artwork With Light Bulbs

Source: soapelinews

#12 Hourglass

Source: m.wikihow

#13 Christmas Wreath

Source: boredpannda

#14 Light Bulb Insects

Source: youtube

#15 Ceiling Lamp With Many Bulbs

Source: architectureartdesigns

#16 Flower Decoration With Light Bulb

Source: bhg

#17 Light Bulb Snowman

Source: michellerayburn

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