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18 Natural Methods To Repel Cockroaches From Your Home and Garden

by Marry Dell

You are getting into trouble with unwanted cockroaches around your home and garden. They appear everytime everywhere that make you feel annoyed. If you are finding ways to get rid of them from your living space, the 18 Natural Methods today will help. The way to keep roaches away from your house seems complicated, but with just a few simple tips today, you can totally repel this harmful insect easily. Spend your time checking them out.
18 Natural Methods To Repel Cockroaches From Your Home and Garden
These pesky pests infest your home and garden in search of shelter, food, and water. They are always on the run and hiding, they bring many harmful bacteria that cause diseases for humans and cause unsanitary food. Controlling cockroaches is never easy and like most commercial pest killers that are loaded with toxic and powerful chemicals, it can be quite harmful directly to health, too. However, after reading the post, you will never worry about this problem. Not just that, the ways below are safe, effective, and cheap you can easily make at home.

#1 Neem Oil

Source: Twitter

Neem Oil is so useful in controlling cockroaches. Simply soak cotton balls in neem oil and drop them near the pest-infested areas.

#2 Boric Acid

Source: Goaptive

To repel cockroaches, you just sprinkle a little bit of boric acid powder in the corners, floors, and dark spaces in and around your home and garden.

#3 Fabric Softener

Source: Mostcraft

Make a mix of fabric softener and water with the ratio of 1:1, pour the mix into a spray bottle, then spray on all those dark spots directly.

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#4 Baking Soda and Sugar Trap

Source: Rosettaptolemy

The combination of baking soda and sugar will make a great trap to kill cockroaches around your home and garden. The particles explode the internal organs of roaches when ingested. Mix with sugar before sprinkling on affected areas to tempt the pest before the soda does its work.

#5 Cucumber

Source: Mandmpestcontrol

To repel cockroaches, you can put a few slices of cucumber inside a tin jar and leave it around the affected areas. The tin jar and cucumber react in a certain way that emits a kind of smell that cockroaches hate.

#6 Duct Tape Trap

Source: Pestend

Duct Tape Trap is a simple way to repel cockroaches. Cut an arm-length strip and put a roach bait such as a cheese cube in the middle of the strip. They will run after the bait and get stuck in the duct tape on the way.

#7 Lemons

Source: Twitter

Cockroaches don’t like the smell of lemon. To deter them, cut a lemon open in half and squeeze some juice directly onto the surfaces where roaches frequent.

#8 Cornstarch Plus Plaster of Paris

Source: Thriftyfun

The combination of cornstarch and plaster of Paris creates a powerful cockroach killer. Mix the two common household items in equal ratio, and apply it in crevices, cracks, and every such difficult place to kill the roaches quickly.

#9 Soap Solution

Source: Pholder

Bath soaps contain some elements to bar cockroaches. To repel them, mix the soap with hot water to make a thick solution, and spread it on your kitchen counters and near any infestation corners.

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#10 Diatomaceous Earth

Source: Medium

Diatomaceous Earth is great in controlling duster at all the infestation spots in your home and garden such as under the trees, shrubs, long grasses, and dark places.

#11 Garlic and Chilli Powder

Source: Unknow

Chili fruit and garlic bulb extract contain certain compounds that are highly toxic to cockroaches. So, if you want to control them, combine cayenne powder and crushed garlic bulbs to kill roaches within 24 hours.

#12 Coffee Trap

Source: Gopests

The smell of coffee attracts cockroaches. To repel them, you can make a trap by getting a clean and dry glass jar and a small plastic cup or styrofoam to fill it with wet coffee grounds. Place the cup with the wet coffee grounds inside the jar and fill it with water until a little below the surface of the bait cup. They will come looking for the coffee and climb inside the jar but would not be able to climb back and escape.

#13 Silica Aerogel and Sugar

Source: Onegreenplanet

To get rid of cockroaches effectively, silica aerogel is a great method. Mix silica aerogel and sugar in a 3:1 ratio. Sprinkle this mix around the cockroach-infested places. Repeat the process for the best results.

#14 Grow Plants That Repel Roaches

Source: Purewow

Rosemary, mint, lemongrass, and lavender are the most organic ways that get rid of roaches.

#15 Catnip

Source: Pulseng

Cockroaches hate the smell of catnip, so you can put some fresh catnip leaves in a sachet around the dark and difficult corners that roaches love. Replace the leaves regularly to help the anti-roach maintain potency.

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#16 Vinegar with Peppermint Oil

Source: Thekitchn

Cockroaches hate the mix of Vinegar and Peppermint when they smell these two things together. Dilute one cup of vinegar with two cups of water and add 10-15 drops of peppermint oil. Pour the solution into a medium-sized spray bottle. Shake well and spray the areas with roaches.

#17 Slippery Jar Trap

Source: Pixiechickens

Like the coffee trap above, you can give Cockroaches what they love. Grab an empty jar, put some bait like a chunk of cheese, meat, or sugary peanut butter, or pancake. Now pour petroleum jelly and spread it all over the inner portion, especially the mouth of the jar. Cockroaches will climb into the jar to chase bait but would not come back due to the sticky jelly.

#18 Bay Leaves

Source: Livspace

The smell of bay leaves repulse cockroaches. Simply, crush and drop a few leaves on kitchen cabinets and nearly unused places to keep them roach-free.

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