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21 DIY Corner Shelf Ideas

by Marry Dell

Design shelves for empty corners, this not only helps you take advantage of maximizing spaces in the home but also gives you functional storage, and style, and even takes your space to the next level. There are corner shelves that come in all different designs, shapes, and finishes, providing a creative way for using purposes as well as an organization while enhancing the decor. To inspire you we’ve compiled this list of the best corner shelf ideas.
21 DIY Corner Shelf Ideas
With the range of cool designs you want to design, from a floating, free-standing, wall-mounted, or hanging design, there are good options for corner shelves you can consider. These corner shelves are easy to install and can be used throughout your home to store all those little knickknacks to reduce clutter, at the same time opening up your living area. With some basic tools and some imagination, you can make them and utilize all your unused corner wall areas in the home. It’s time to explore these cool corner shelves to find cute and popular designs you’ll love!

#1 DIY Old Wood Floor Shelf

Source: Ideaspallet

#2 Tall Wood Slice Corner Shelf

Source: Mimuu

#3 Pallet Corner Shelf on Wall

Source: Ashleywinndesign

#4 Wood Crate Corner Shelf

Source: Homebnc

#5 Antique Door Corner-shelf

Source: Samantha Baker

#6 PVC Pipe Coner Shelf

Source: Homedit

#7 Branch and Wood Book Shelf

Source: Homedecorobsession

#8  Wooden Spool Corner Shelf

Source: Robin Leviner

#9 Upcycled Corner Ladder Shelf

Source: Hometalk

#10 Small Nightstand Designs

Source: Apartmenttherapy

#11 Corner Shelf for Keys

Source: Pinterest

#12 Small Corner Shelves Idea

Source: Donpedrobrooklyn

#13 DIY Floating Corner Shelves

Source: Woodshopdiaries

#14 Floating Wood Corner Shelf Hanging Planter Indoor Wall Rope

Source: Etsy

#15 DIY Zig-zag Corner Shelf

Source: Buzzfeed

#16 Painted Wood Crate Corner Shelf

Source: Digsdigs

#17 Wood Slab Corner Shelf

Source: Loveambie

#18 Wood Slice Corner Shelf

Source: Tumblr

#19 Cable Spool Wine Shelf

Source: Aestheticahelzeria

#20 Simple Wood Crate Shelf

Source: Hometalk

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