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22 Amazing Upcycled Broken Chair Ideas For Backyard

by Marry Dell

Old chair? They are too old and worn out to continue sitting on! Don’t worry! Give broken chair legs, chair backs, and chair spindles new life around your backyard with these amazing upcycled ideas. There are plenty of creative ways to give new life and repurpose old chairs with just some wood glue, a fresh coat of paint, a staple gun, a little bit of new fabric, wood stain, and a few simple steps. The DIY projects are priceless and all unique!
22 Amazing Upcycled Broken Chair Ideas For Backyard
In fact, broken chairs can be turned into anything from a bench that you put in your yard to a fountain or a planter that you keep in your garden. Have you ever thought of using your chairs as these ideas? Well, you will now. If you have an old chair sitting in your garage or kitchen, consider these ideas and make one of them your own. After reading this article, you might want to rethink instead of tossing them away.

#1 Old Chair Turn Into Beautiful Welcome Planter

Source: Flickr

#2 A Fall Decoration

Source: Becca Escoto

#3 A Fairy Garden Idea

Source: Mydesiredhome

#4 An Old Chair Trellis

Source: Upcyclemystuff

#5 A Backyard Birdbath

Source: Daisymaebelle

#6 A DIY Fence Shelf

Source: Lushome

#7 Colorful Chair Planter Idea To Decorate For Spring Season

Source: Maureen Dodge

#8 A Backyard Bench

Source: Tamarajewelry

#9 Lovely Planters With Garden Signs

Source: Janie Hardy Grissom

#10 Garden Corner Decorating Idea

Source: Tatertotsandjello

#11 Outdoor Wind Chime

Source: Theshabbycreekcottage

#12 An Old Chair Plant Support

Source: Pinterest

#13 Old Chair Fountain

Source: Cottageatthecrossroads

#14 Upcycled Chair SideTable

Source: Myrepurposedlife

#15 DIY Hanging Swing Chair

Source: Littlethings

#16 A DIY Fern Planter

Source: Thecrazycraftlady

#17 Farmhouse Christmas Decoration

Source: Cottageatthecrossroads

#18 Old Chair Landscaping Idea

Source: Dengarden

#19 DIY Tree Bench Wrap-Around Idea

Source: Hometalk

#20 Hanging Planter Idea

Source: Mammabellarte

#21 Kitchen Chair Planter Stand Garden Art

Source: Hometalk

#22 Simple Chair Planters

Source: Cathy Michael

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