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27 Cute DIY Herb Marker Ideas For Pots And Containers

by Marry Dell

Do you want to make your indoor herb pots look prettier and more creative? Check out 27 Cute DIY Herb Marker Ideas that you can make easily at home, and your kids also love trying as well. These ideas are inexpensive because they are made from old items and free materials. They can be as simple as a natural twig with permanent marker writing, or as fancy as you like!
27 Cute DIY Herb Marker Ideas For Pots And Containers
If you are creative, it can be easy to create cute and helpful plant markers! Most of the ideas are simple and will turn out beautifully with a little personal flair. There are many inspirations that you can utilize, from repurposing everyday items like stone, pebbles, corks, clay pots, shells, cans, and even broken terracotta pots, they all can be reused in unique ways. Take a look at the DIY garden marker ideas below to inspire you and help you make your own DIY plant labels.

#1 Blank Wooden Plant Label Sign

Source: Sageandsill

#2 Wine Cork Herb Markers

Source: Countryliving

#3 DIY Wooden Spoon Garden Markers

Source: Blesserhouse

#4 Painted Rock Plant Markers

Source: Tammy Harmon

#5 Twig Plant Labels

Source: Cathiefilian

#6 Wooden Cloth Clip Herb Marker

Source: Espacioscreativo

#7 DIY Clay Herb Markers

Source: Twopurplecouches

#8 Wood and Copper Herb Markers

Source: Hometalk

#9 Seashell Garden Markers

Source: Hometalk

#10 Broken Clay Pot Herb Markers

Source: Acultivatednest

#11 DIY Stamped Silverware Garden Markers

Source: Tidbitsandtwine

#12 Recycled Can Lids Garden Marker

Source: Inmyownstyle

#13 Herb Garden Tin Can Pot Markers

Source: Thegraciouswife

#14 Wooden Herb Marker

Source: Yellowbrickhome

#15 Tea Bag Plant Markers

Source: Athomeonthebay

#16 Wooden Ice Cream Stick Herb Marker

Source: Buzzfeed

#17 Stone Marker

Source: Dawn Bloxham

#18 Wooden Slice Herb Marker

Source: Maison-travaux

#19 Carton Herb Marker

Source: Eatwell101

#20 Recycled Plastic Bottle Plant Markers

Source: Daniela5mdo

#21 Small Clay Pot Plant Marker

Source: Acultivatednest

#22 DIY Toadstool Herb Markers

Source: Craftsbyamanda

#23 Chalkboard Herb Plant Markers

Source: Hometalk

#24 Easy DIY Copper Garden Marker

Source: Julieblanner

#25 Safari Animal Garden Markers

Source: Momtrends

#26 Homemade Button Garden Markers

Source: Buttonsgaloreandmore

#27 Clay Art Marker

Source: Boredart

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