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28 Jaw-Dropping Water Feature Ideas for Yard Corner

by Marry Dell

Your yard and garden need an upgrade to add a unique element to your outdoor space. Try a one-of-a-kind DIY corner water fountain in the collection below. Rippling water and soft sprays will make your exterior seem cooler while giving it a calming feel. No matter what size your yard is, there’s a water feature that’s sure to make your outdoor space shine.
28 Jaw-Dropping Water Feature Ideas for Yard Corner
We’ve collected plenty of pretty and budget-friendly DIY options for you to explore, from sculptural like a fountain to natural like a stream or pond! Everything can be used to make them, from a charming fountain made from an old metal bucket to a water wall that rivals store-bought renditions, these easy and unique projects will reinvigorate your yard like nothing else. Even if you’re busy at work, you also easily have your own water feature. If you are interested, join us in creating a garden like this!

#1 A Small Pond

Source: Emilie Currokoe

#2 A DIY Water Fountain

Source: Petra Beining

#3 A Stunning Small Pond With Flowers Surround

Source: Professionalponds

#4 A Water Feature Idea for Modern Yard Design

Source: Pinterest

#5 A Small Pool

Source: Homecreativa

#6 A Rock Garden Fountain

Source: Pinterest

#7 A Circle Pond with Runnels

Source: Pondpro2000

#8 Corner Water Fountain

Source: Aushal Vora

#9 A Small Rock Water Feature with Pergola

Source: Alexa cilento

#10 DIY Cement Water Fountain

Source: Engineeringdiscoveries

#11 A Dreamy Water Feature With Garden Seating

Source: Pondinformer

#12 A Small Koi Pond

Source: Somer Thomas

#13 A Corner Pond with Plants

Source: Homedepot

#14 A Rock Garden with A Pond and Landscaping Around

Source: Tamera Lynn

#15 Spilled Pot Idea with A Pond

Source: Instagram

#16 Japanese Water Feature

Source: Boulderlandscaping

#17 DIY Concrete Water Feature

Source: Tamera Lynn

#18 Natural Rock Water Feature

Source: Pinterest

#19 DIY Recycled Water Fountain

Source: Pinterest

#20 A Small Water Feature with Black Stones

Source: Pinterest

#21 A Big Water Bowl

Source: Bloglovin

#22 Millstone Fountain

Source: Blog.swensongranite

#23 Rock and Stone Water Feature

Source: Pinterest

#24 Pallet and Stock Tank Inspiration

Source: Blog.schneidermans

#25 Backyard Concrete Water Fountain

Source: Decorpad

#26 Clay Pot Water Fountain

Source: Sher Stevens

#27 Rustic Bamboo Water Feature

Source: Jenlouie

#28 Built a Tiny Toad Pond

Source: Simplesouthern

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