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7 Bra Tricks Every Girl Should Know

by Shelly

Bras are more or less a necessity for most girls, yet they can be so unbelievably annoying. Do you constantly have to resist the urge to remove your bra? After all, finding the appropriate size is only half the battle. There is also the problem of falling straps, poking wires, and tricky necklines. Fortunately, we’ve come up with a variety of tips to get you through the most uncomfortable circumstances. Therefore, anyone who wears a bra needs to check out these 8 tricks bras. You will wonder how you managed without them.

#1. Stick reusable silicone nipple covers

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These small, circular, or flower-shaped adhesive coverings are meant to cover only your nipples. They are therefore a fantastic alternative for low-cut tops or sheer fabrics that might make your nipples visible. For the least noticeable solution, you should look for a color close to your skin tone.

  • Stick the adhesive side onto your nipple and press it down gently.
  • After usage, wash the covers with mild soap and water. Then store them in the original packing to reuse. Although many covers come with a 30 to 50-wear guarantee, the adhesive will eventually lose its effectiveness.

Although these covers don’t go well with every outfit because they don’t support your breasts, they definitely do a good job of covering the nipples.

#2. Wear a strapless bra under bandeau

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The bandeau is entirely attached all the way around, unlike a traditional bra with a clasp in the back, making it an easy slip-on bra. However, a bandeau top usually loses its shape and appears lifeless when worn frequently. Plus, things start popping out from the bottom. If you want your boobs to look perky, put on a strapless bra under your bandeau top. The strapless defines your boobs, making them appear bigger and rounder. You wouldn’t even have to put up with the straps showing, and a loose bandeau because the strapless bra is doing the holding for you.

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#3. Get panty liners to mend your bra

Did your bra’s underwire suddenly decide to pop out? There is always an answer. Cut a part of a panty liner and fasten it around the underwire. There is enough glue on the panty liner already to prevent the underwire from piercing your skin. Besides, since panty liners aren’t particularly thick, it won’t appear as though you pushed something inside the bra. Anytime you require this sort of mending, you can apply this panty liner trick.

#4. Buy those bra strap extensions

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You can’t decide what size you are when one feels tight and the size seems just too loose. No problem – just get some bra extension straps. Attach it to the tightest hooks if you feel the cup size is perfect, but the straps and bands are just too loose. This will give you additional hooks to make it tighter. Similarly to this, if the larger cup size is ideal but the band is too tight, attach the extension to the loosest hook. In addition, if the bra’s elasticity has entirely worn away but you still do not want to throw it away, you might use these extensions. Its lifespan will be extended by a few more months.

#5. Broadband

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Bras without straps are fantastic to look at. However, it is not always as comfortable as it seems. Nevertheless, a lot relies on the type of bra you select. Just make sure to get a strapless bra with a broader band in the back. Although a thin band may look glamorous and stylish, it might not provide the support you need. If this is also not giving you enough support, use some convertible bra straps. To hold them all together, hook them on the bra and wrap them around your boobs.

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#6. Attach it with an all pin

Buy some all-pins if you want to be a badass and show your straps off are just too annoyed by your peeping bra straps. Weren’t all pins for papers? Yes, of course. Why not use it to secure the bra straps as well? The back of your bra straps should be pulled together, and both should be secured with an all-pin. There is no longer a risk that they may unfasten from your sleeveless top. Plus, you simply transformed your everyday bra into a racerback style!

#7. Double-sided-tape it up

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Adhesives come in so handy in this lingerie business, don’t they? Stick your garments with double-sided heavy-duty cloth adhesive tapes if you’ve once again decided to go bra-less but are worried about a #nipslip. If you don’t have them, any double-sided tape should do. In addition, use your eyelash glue in the worst-case situation, as well. The whole idea of going braless is to break free from the discomfort it is causing. Since the entire point is lost if you keep worrying about your nipples falling or showing. By using this trick, you can finally take a deep breath after removing your bra from your bust.

Do you have any further tips to share? Please feel free to express your opinions in the comments section below.


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