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16 DIY Indoor Spheres To Decorate Your Home More Attractive

by Marry Dell

Spheres can be displayed in many different ways with shapes, sizes, and textures. If you want to add some personality to your living space or to punctuate your interior, we’ve collected 16 DIY Indoor Spheres to create your own DIY home decor projects. Whether you prefer recycling balls or natural spheres, there will undoubtedly be something that captures your attention as you go through the list of eye-catching DIY ideas below.
16 DIY Indoor Spheres To Decorate Your Home More Attractive
Most of these ideas help your home keep a good look throughout the whole year but there are also a few more elaborate projects that last a few weeks. Once they have been finished, they will make your home more colorful and unique. Adding some spheres to the home would be a great idea. Instead of buying glass gazing globes, you can choose to DIY some creative garden balls. Check them out and let’s start one for your house right now!

#1 Wine Cork Sphere

Source: Balaban’s

#2 Rock Sphere

Source: Kathy McCormack

#3 Christmas Sphere

Source: Tammy

#4 Pine Cone Sphere

Source: Weheartit

#5 Punk Wood Sphere

Source: Tumblr

#6 Fresh Flower Sphere

Source: Blondie’s Treehouse Inc

#7 Wood Slice Sphere

Source: Craftandcreativity

#8 Button Sphere

Source: Joan Goldberg

#9 Key Sphere

Source: Pinterest

#10 Seashell Sphere

Source: Pinterest

#11 Eggshell Sphere

Source: Recyclart

#12 Pencil Shaving Sphere

Source: Helgastubernicolas

#13 A Walnut Ball

Source: Countrygirlhome

#14 Natural Driftwood Orb

Source: Decorpad

#15 Paper Clips Sphere

Source: Xacharyabel

#16 Bottle Light Ball

Source: Behance

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