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19 Brilliant DIY Bottle Garden Ideas

by Marry Dell

There are too many bottles lying cluttered in the kitchen or in the corner and you are finding solutions for them. Don’t toss them out, save them and create your own ideas with 19 Brilliant DIY Bottle Garden Ideas that you can implement to repurpose bottles that you’d otherwise never use. These bottle garden ideas will offer an aesthetic aspect to your home while also being environmentally friendly.
19 Brilliant DIY Bottle Garden Ideas
Bottles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, with these variations, you will be quite surprised to see these different planters. They are not only simple, useful, and easy to do but also super creative ideas and extremely impressive. These planters can be placed both indoors and outdoors to make your house more beautiful and impressive. We believe that they not only become useful planters but also will be artworks to brighten up all your space. Save them and make some for the next weekend.

#1 Self-watering Planter

Source: Etsy

#2 Wine Bottle Succulent Planters

Source: Artesanato Com Vidro

#3 Table Top Garden Succulent Display

Source: Wineyguys

#4 Hanging Window Garden

Source: Jamie Gerkin

#5 A Green Wall

Source: Primainspirace

#6 Terrarium DIY

Source: Svitlana Frankiv

#7 Easy DIY Hanging Herb Garden

Source: Homedit

#8 A Green Upside-down Garden

Source: Joelix

#9 Small Indoor Succulent Garden

Source: Coolcreativity

#10 Recycle Plastic Bottles Into Colorful Flower Pots For Small Garden And Balcony

Source: Pinterest

#11 Easy Macrame Plant Hanger

Source: Pinterest

#12 Outdoor Hanging Garden

Source: Debbie-debbiedoos

#13 DIY Wine Bottle Planters

Source: Kreatinghomes

#14 Turn an Old Soda Bottle into a Miniature Rainforest

Source: Craftingagreenworld

#15 Beautiful Flower Pots

Source: Pinterest

#16 A Living Curtain On The Front Porch

Source: Pinterest

#17 A Green Fence Idea

Source: Domosedy

#18 A Vertical Vegetable Garden

Source: Pinterest

#19 Soda Bottle Animal Planters

Source: Mungfali

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