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20 Mind-blowing Wood Slice Ideas For The Home And Garden

by Marry Dell

Do you know that when you cut an old tree in the garden, which is the time the great ideas also start with? And in the post today, we’ve gathered the 20 Mind-blowing Wood Slice Ideas For The Home And Garden. The wind chimes not only can decorate but also bring funny sounds to your house. If you feel your backyard is too monotonous and faint, wood slice garden seating can help beautify and bring the fun that you are looking for. There are more creative ideas are waiting for you.
20 Mind-blowing Wood Slice Ideas For The Home And Garden
Taking them a look, they are so creative, useful, cute, and lovely, right? They not only fill your free spaces but also bring the beauty of nature, rustic for both the home and the garden. Each has its own attractive and interesting, and we are sure that you will choose some for your next projects. Most of them are easy to make without requiring a lot of effort. Save them and make some now.

#1 A Great Divider

Source: Steffi Bergemann

#2 Garden Path Made From Wood Slices And Rocks

Source: Onekindesign

#3 WoodSlice Garden Edging

Source: Homesthetics

#4 Flower Boxplanter

Source: Etsy

#5 Creative Garden Seating Made Out Of Tree Stump And Wood Slice

Source: Theassistant

#6 Garden Wall

Source: Pinterest

#7 Garden Moon Door Made From Log Slices

Source: Geneva J

#8 Garden Path Design

Source: Lushome

#9 Garden Stair Idea

Source: Lushome

#10 Ladybug and Bumble Bee Tic-Tac-Toe

Source: Chickenscratchny

#11 Wood Slice Wind Chime

Source: Etsy

#12 Garden Sign

Source: Etsy

#13 DIY Bird Feeder

Source: Selbst

#14 DIY Wood Sliced Dinner Mats

Source: Homesthetics

#15 Wood Slice Wall

Source: Behance

#16 Home Sweet Home Sign

Source: Etsy

#17 DIY Rustic Three Tier Wood Slice Stand

Source: Personallyandrea

#18 DIY Wood Slice Table

Source: Liagriffith

#19 DIY Wood Slice Wreath

Source: Thewellessentials

#20 Wood Slice Candle Holder

Source: Leilaniwholesale

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