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20 Striking DIY Coconut Shell Ideas to Decorate Your Home

by Marry Dell

An empty house will give you a feeling of boredom and monotony, and a wonderful living space cannot be complete without decorative items. With just a few of them, placed in certain positions, it brightens up your whole house. It can be seen that in recent years eco-friendly decorations are gradually gaining the love of everyone because they are made from easily available natural materials. And coconut shells are a great example of this trend. Let’s check the list below to see some ideas for coconut shells.
20 Striking DIY Coconut Shell Ideas to Decorate Your Home
Coconut shells are a natural and versatile material that can be transformed into beautiful and unique home decor. From simple candle holders to intricate wall art, there are countless ways to use coconut shells in your home. With a little creativity and some basic tools, coconut shells can be transformed into many different types and shapes. These coconut shell decor ideas are just the beginning – let your imagination run wild and see what amazing creations you can come up with!

#1 Coconut Shell Planter

Source: shraddharathod

#2 Hanging Plants With Coconut Shell

Source: pinterest

#3 Balls Hanging Lamp Made of Coconut Shell

Source: etsy

#4 Add A Water Feature Into Your Home With Coconut Shell

Source: etsy

#5 Coconut Light

Source: es.aliexpress

#6 Wall Light Made From Coconut Shell

Source: praquemtemestilo

#7 Best Coconut Lamp

Source: beachfrontdecor

#8 Coconut Waterfall

Source: pinterest

#9 Chime Coconut Shells

Source: pinterest

#10 Amazing Coconut Shell Planters

Source: pinterest

#11 Doll Created Using Coconut Shell

Source: pinterest

#12 Coconut Shell With Succulent

Source: pinterest

#13 Coconut shell ornaments

Source: novica

#14 Coconut Chandelier

Source: pinterest

#15 Coconut Candle Holder

Source: glow.co.uk

#16 Coconut Shell Wall

Source: pinterest

#17 Coconut Shell Painting

Source: pinterest

#18 Orchid Flowers Pot

Source: fineartamerica

#19 Unique Lamp Idea

Source: soopush

#20 DIY Wreath With Coconut Shell

Source: momcandoanything

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