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21 Kitchen Room Decorating Ideas With Plants

by Marry Dell

The kitchen is the busiest area and the heart of every home, but if it is getting less attention in your home decoration. It’s time to add a touch of nature by growing some houseplants or herbs to make it feel refreshing as well as restore your mood when you are tired of cooking. They not only deal with air quality but also give you some kitchen ingredients, you can even pick them right around the kitchen.
21 Kitchen Room Decorating Ideas With Plants
Here are 21 Kitchen Room Decorating Ideas With Plants that will make your kitchen fresh. Each idea is the perfect combination of nature with your kitchen design. So, whether you choose any ideas, they will be the best beauty for your kitchen. All of them are great for those who love green life or gardening. And we hope that you will find one that is suitable for your kitchen space.

#1 Spice up Your Kitchen Decor With Climbing Plants

Source: Realtor

#2 Vertical Herb Garden Wall

Source: Buzzfeed

#3 Kitchen Wooden Shelf With Potted Plants

Source: Katepearcevintage

#4 Air Plant World Display On The Window

Source: Etsy

#5 Open Kitchen Shelf With Small Herb Pots

Source: Pinterest

#6 Boho Shelf Decor With Some Vining Plants

Source: Target

#7 Hanging Houseplant Pots with A Small Windowsill Garden

Source: Flamboyant

#8 Stunning Maximalist and Boho Chic Kitchen with Greenery Plants

Source: Digsdigs

#9 Modern Floating Shelf With Plants

Source: Etsy

#10 A Modern Open Kitchen Shelf Adored With Some Small Plant Pots

Source: Blog.jungalow

#11 A Cozy Kitchen Style With A Fresh Vibe From Green Plants

Source: Instagram

#12 Simple Green Space with Some Vining Plants

Source: Society19

#13 A Little Green Space For The Small Kitchen

Source: Kitchenstudioofnaples

#14 Create An Indoor Herb Garden Right In The Kitchen

Source: Pinterest

#15 A Unique Upside Down Kitchen Garden

Source: Pinterest

#16 A Beautiful Window Look with Plants

Source: Bobedre

#17 A Hanging Window Herb Garden

Source: Pinterest

#18 Vintage Sink With A View And Vining Plants

Source: Popsugar

#19 DIY Hanging Herb Garden

Source: Chrislovesjulia

#20 A Small DIY Tin Can Herb Garden

Source: Eatwell101

#21 A Mason Jar Vertical Herb Garden

Source: Etsy

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