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23 DIY Water Garden Centerpiece Ideas For Your Tabletop

by Marry Dell

Are you looking for a creative and unique way to add natural beauty to your home decor? Look no further than a DIY water garden centerpiece! These easy-to-make centerpieces are perfect for your tabletop and add a touch of tranquility to any room. Not only are DIY water garden centerpieces beautiful, but they also offer numerous benefits to your home. Plants help to purify the air, reduce stress, and create a peaceful atmosphere. Plus, they’re a great conversation starter for guests!
23 DIY Water Garden Centerpiece Ideas For Your Tabletop
You’ll need a few simple materials such as a container, plants, rocks, and water to get started. You can choose a container of any size or shape, depending on the size of your tabletop and the look you’re going for. Start by filling your container with water, leaving enough room for your plants to grow. Next, arrange your plants and rocks in a way that looks aesthetically pleasing to you. You can experiment with different plant types and arrangements until you find the perfect combination. It’s time to try it out and see how it transforms your space.

#1 Shallow Container Water Garden

Source: bhg

#2 Glass Bowl Water Garden

Source: deavita

#3 DIY Cement Water Garden

Source: digsdigs

#4 Blue Ceramic Water Garden

Source: tumblr

#5 Upcycling Tin Can Water Garden

Source: bhg

#6 Reused Vintage Bowl Water Garden

Source: midwestliving

#7 Glass Plate Water Garden

Source: midwestliving

#8 Glass Teacup Water Garden

Source: pinterest

#9 Cute Metal Can Water Garden

Source: deviantart

#10 Miniature Water Garden

Source: weheartit

#11 Small Water Garden with Moss

Source: radmegan

#12 Small Water Garden In Glass Containers

Source: gardeners

#13 Mini Glass Bottle Water Garden

Source: mossballpets

#14 White Shallow Dish Water Garden

Source: pinterest

#15 Brown Water Garden Container

Source: pinterest

#16 Tall Glass Cup Water Garden

Source: containerwatergardens

#17 Glass Cup Water Garden

Source: flickr

#18 Small Water Fountain Idea

Source: pinterest

#19 Glass Cup Water Garden With Blue Pebbles

Source: diybunker

#20 Water Garden Idea With driftwood

Source: flickr

#21 Glass Water Garden With Rive Rocks

Source: tillysnest

#22 Water Fountain Idea with Water Plants

Source: runningwithsisters

#23 Wooden Box Water Garden

Source: bhg

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