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25 Landscaping Projects For Long Garden

by Marry Dell

If you think a small space means just has the simplest of decorating features, this is not true! Don’t let your lack of a large garden space deter you from creating your heaven. Whether you have a small space, it isn’t the problem with the 25 Landscaping Projects For Long Garden today, they are collected here to help you out. Spend your time and explore them to get your own design, then turn your outdoor living space to appear larger, more beautiful, and make the best use of the limited space.
25 Landscaping Projects For Long Garden
There is nothing better than enjoying the fresh air with green space, then relaxing after a hard-working day, right? Everything will be peaceful and light as what they can bring. And these ideas will inspire your mind because they are implemented in any space of all sizes and shapes, from a cool stream in the garden or a peaceful place of summer nights. So, if you are interested in it, save the one you love and make your own versions.

#1 Wooden Pathways With A Shed And  Flowers

Source: Fentonrobertsgardendesign

#2 A Step Stone And Pebble Pathway With Plants

Source: Yelp

#3 Landscaping Without Grass

Source: Hgtv

#4 A Simple Wooden Bench For A Seating Garden

Source: Billyoh

#5 A Peaceful Seating

Source: Gardeningetc

#6 A Long Dry Creek

Source: Billyoh

#7 A Crushed Pathway And Rock Edging With Plants

Source: Billyoh

#8 Green Space With Law And Plants

Source: Flickr

#9 Backyard Stream

Source: Deviantart

#10 A Natural Garden Design

Source: Houzz

#11 A Raised Garden Bed To Grow Vegetables

Source: Gardenista

#12 A Deck Design For Outdoor Space

Source: Bhg

#13 A Small Pool With Stunning Landscaping Around

Source: Simplestylings

#14 A Greem Space With Law Design And Plants

Source: Carex

#15 A Vegetable Garden Design With A Small Stock Tank Pond

Source: Gardenista

#16 Stunning Garden Design With Unique Shape

Source: Renoguide

#17 Romantic Design With Purple Colors And Other Elegant Flowers

Source: Thespruce

#18 An Open Garden Design

Source: Aliceinscandiland

#19 Sloping Garden

Source: Billyoh

#20 Another Raise Garden Bed Design To Grow Fresh Vegetables

Source: Privatenewport

#21 A Fresh Space With Green Plants Around

Source: Gardeningetc

#22 A Curved Entryway With Tropical Plants For Cool Air

Source: Garden Builders

#23 A Simple Seating To Enjoy The Beauty Of Nature

Source: Claire Lloyd Davies/Future

#24 A Pool Design With Plants

Source: Piscina pequena

#25 A Japanese Garden Design

Source: Unknow

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