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27 Easy DIY Ideas To Incorporate Your Modern Home Design

by Marry Dell

Your home needs a design update after a long time with a normal look. We came up with more than 25 surprising home decor ideas to get you started. The best part of these ideas? They will go well with any of your modern designs. Also, you can make them easily with your short time and a limited budget because most of them are made out of old and natural items around your home.
27 Easy DIY Ideas To Incorporate Your Modern Home Design
From old crates, suitcases, branches, and seashells, they might come from small and simple details with a touch of color but they can make big things and an entire space can feel fresh, on-trend but timeless, and refined. Thanks to these ideas, you not only reflect your personal taste in your modern design but also improve functionality. It’s time to choose the best design styles that suit your sensibilities.

#1 White Painted Side Table

Source: Angelamariemade

#2 Natural Hanging Seashell Wall Decor

Source: TheRusticLumberShop

#3 Hanging Plant Pots On An Old Ladder

Source: Homestolove

#4 Boat Shelving

Source: Madness.inthe.Method

#5 Wood Slice Wall Gallery

Source: Smore

#6 Reuse Broken Guitar

Source: Pinterest

#7 Hanging Wall Shelves

Source: Baserootsshop

#8 Chopping Board Wall Decor

Source: Upcyclemystuff

#9 Beachy Boho Bedroom

Source: Sweetteal

#10 Front Porch Pallet Sofa

Source: Pinterest

#11 Wood Crate Coffee Table

Source: Pinterest

#12 Wood Crates For Blank Wall

Source: Pinterest

#13 Recycle An Old Bike Wheel

Source: Daintydressdiaries

#14 Birch Log Wall Decor

Source: Apartmenttherapy

#15 Repurpose an Old Wood Stool as a Nightstand

Source: Bloomingdiyer

#16 Wooden Pallet Bed

Source: WWeheartit

#17 Repurpose Old Lamp

Source: Theshabbycreekcottage

#18 Reusing Old Mugs

Source: Ecogreenlove

#19 Recycling Marson Jars

Source: Harassedmom

#20 Dark Painted Bottle Vases

Source: Flickr

#21 DIY Wood Block Art

Source: Delineateyourdwelling

#22 An Old Ladder Plant Shelf For Bathroom

Source: Decoholic

#23 Old Ladder Wall Shelf

Source: Sarzastore

#24 Rustic Log Chairs

Source: JasminNoir

#25 DIY Tree Shelf

Source: Matchness

#26 Free Up Your Kitchen Space

Source: Thespruce

#27 Macrame Hanging Herb Pots By Window

Source: Blog.greenhousejuice

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