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30 Face Planters That Will Make You Smile: From Funny To Fierce

by Jenny

Some people are proud of their plant collections, which include a wide range of plants from tropical ones to hundreds of kinds of succulents and cactus. Others often boast about their planters, which are a creative and fun way to display their plants and add some personality to their homes or gardens.

Face planters deserve a place in the collection of gardeners. They add whimsical beauty to outdoor spaces and take the art of garden decor to new heights. In this article, we presented an array of fantastic face planter ideas that will surely ignite your creativity in garden design.

#1. Dreaming girl face planter

#2. Succulent face planter

#3. Clean girl face planter

#4. Trailing cactus face planter

#5. Abstract face planter

#6. Buddha face planter

#7. Cute girl face planter

#8. Goddess face planter

#9. Couple face planter

#10. Multi-face planter

#11. Mask face planter

#12. Adorable face planter

#13. Mixed succulent face planter

#14. Lady face planter

#15. Hanging face planter

#16. Animal-inspired face planter

#17. Family face planter

#18. Bride and groom face planter

#19. Tribal women face planter

#20. Cute face planter

#21. Tiger face planter

#22. Funny face planter

#23. Girl with cat face planter

#24. Baby face planter

#25. Forest god face planter

#26. Smashed face planter

#27. Girl smiling face planter

#28. Long face planter

#29. Dwarf face planter

#30. Alien face planter

We hope that you find your favorite face planters, which can create a focal point in your garden, in this article. You can also make your own DIY one by painting it with vibrant colors and unique patterns. We’re excited to see your project, so don’t forget to share by leaving a comment.

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