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DIY Hanging Porch Flower Planters

by Marry Dell

To add some color, texture, uniqueness, and charm to your porch throughout the whole year, the list of 20 DIY Hanging Porch Flower Planters will stir up your outdoor space more vividly right the door. Apart from helping your space closer to nature but also help you save your porch spaces. So, if you are planning to turn your porch into the oasis you’ve always dreamed of, check out these quick and simple ideas below!
DIY Hanging Porch Flower Planters
It’s awesome to recycle old pieces of items around the home, something that you are going to the trash and transform into interesting indoor planters. Most of you have a trend that throws away broken and unused things that you don’t want to use but they are great for reusing projects to make cheap and special flower planters to adorn your porch. Just have a good idea, a little effort, and free time, and you can turn them into new treasures.

#1 Hanging Chandelier Flower Planter

Source: Thecraftcrib

#2 Hanging Mason Jar Flower Planters

Source: Hutchstudio

#3 Hanging Metal Bucket Flower Planter

Source: Tidbits-cami

#4 Hanging Bird Cage Flower Planter

Source: Rogstadhouse

#5 Hanging Tin Can Flower Planter

Source: Borninmay26

#6 Welcome Crocs

Source: Flickr

#7 Tire Flower Planter

Source: Pinterest

#8 Colorful Painted Can Flower Planters

Source: Tumblr

#9 DIY Colander Planter

Source: Countryliving

#10 Rusty Metal Bucket Flower Planter

Source: Lorri McGregor

#11 Old Wine Barrel Flower Planter

Source: Pinterest

#12 Hanging Metal Box Flower Planter

Source: Ironaccents

#13 Wood Box Flower Planter

Source: Karen L Williams

#14 DIY Hanging Flower Planters Made from Recycled Bottles

Source: Helloglow

#15 Old Funnel Hanging Planter

Source: Laurie Meador Davis

#16 The Old Blue Bucket

Source: Theoldbluebucket

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